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YES, my house is in YTL's YES 4G Coverage.

Here are the plans,
So Voice, Internet and SMS... No contract, No usage Quota. But not so good for heavy downloaders as this is Pay As You Use.., so this is only suitable for those looking for a backup incase their main internet line is down, oh, You need to maintain a RM30/month usage though..

These are the devices.

I will probably get the huddle. and the good thing is , NO NEED for a Simcard! you just need a YES ID!

Azlan Mahmud
Video camera test of the HTC HD2, Maximum resolution settings and Auto White Balance..

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Azlan Mahmud
The HTC P3300 on the left using 2mp and AUTO White Balance, The HTC HD2 on the right using 5mp WIDE and Auto White Balance.

Sadly I deleted the original picture, this picture is heavily compressed.

This picture is also resized to fit my blog, for the Original Compressed picture from facebook,

click this Facebook Image link
Azlan Mahmud

My list of phones

when I was standard 1: a Samsung non coloured phone cant remember what model but it has flashing LED and a small antenna.

When I was standard 2:

Alcatel OneTouch 735

When I was standard 4: The Alcatel OneTouch died, overheated, so I got this

HP iPaq 512 Voice Messenger

Standard 5/6 (cant remember). Got this phone

Samsung SGH-M610

Standard 6: So the samsung slider was broken, OK got this in December 2008

LG KS360
Form 2 (March 2010) : Dad dont use this phone anymore, so I took it

HTC P3300

Form 2 ( bought September 2010 ) , its time for an upgrade, the p3300 is an obsolete 2006 model.. not for teenagers, and resistive touchscreen, uwekss..


a very good phone, 1ghz proc. capacitive, I love this phone, hope this will last for the next 2-3 years
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Azlan Mahmud
Recently I felt watching videos on YouTube a bit choppy and slow, so I google'd

p1 w1max youtube slow

I then got into SoyaCincau's blog post about the slowness of youtube, the posting date of the blog post is 12th August 2010 which is not long ago... I have to agree with SoyaCincau, my YouTube is randomly slow..

See, 50kbps! Usually I get around 1200kbps, what happened? I cant live with slow speeds..

Now, compare this to my weekly download of MalFreeMaps

See? 160.3 KB/s which equals to 1282.4kbps which is what the speed I subscribed.. And that is from MegaUpload's FREE download server.

P1 really need to do something about this, else 1st quarter 2012 I potong to TM UniFi

Azlan Mahmud
Got this e-mail from TM...

 What??!?!?!?! QUARTER 1, 2012???  hehz... Till then, im with my trusty P1 W1MAX. 

sekian tima kaseh
Azlan Mahmud

This is a route simulation of the Navigation feature using Garmin Mobile XT with the latest MalFreeMaps..

The route simulation is close to the near thing.. YES, LAG LAG LAG LAG

This is why I hate the P3300 (Artemis), and because it doesnt have A-GPS, it won't find signal in a car that have tinted windows..

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Azlan Mahmud

This is a song sang and written by

about the floods that recently occurred in Singapore.. Orchard road was like Orchard river..


Ooooooooh woooooooh hohoho
Ooooooooh woooooooh hohoho
Blame your mother, blame your father
Blame the season, blame the maker
See the waters, down in Orchard
Lucky Plaza, basement flooded
We have a big longkang
Our drains should be Number One
But when the freak rain come
In the end we still lan lan
So we say
When I eat horfun, I saw the rain come
I call PUB, they never call me back
I think they damn slack
I think they damn slack
I think they damn slack
I think they damn
When I drink Horlick, I saw the rain come
I call PUB, they never call me back
My car in void deck
I can't find my cat
My underwear wet
And there it goes
Ooooooooh woooooooh hohoho
Ooooooooh woooooooh hohoho
Say it's garbage, say it's blockage
Say it's bad luck, that drain got stuck
PM say don't , unrealistic
Singapore can't, be zero flood
Time to buy sampan
Don't park in Basement One
And when the freak rain come
Why this song so Cheena one ?
So we say
When I eat horfun, I saw the rain come
I call PUB, they never call me back
I think they damn slack
I think they damn slack
I think they damn slack
I think they damn
When I eat chee cheong fun, I saw the rain come
I call PUB, they never call me back
My car in void deck
I can't find my cat
My underwear wet
And there it goes
Ooooooooh woooooooh hohoho . . .


Enjoy, check out for more of his parody's and funny stuffs

Azlan Mahmud

So, you are in a building that has no windows.. And too kiasu bout getting charged when using your phone to check weather..

Here's what you need.
1. An active Astro subscribtion (B.yond preferred)

See attached image for hint.

2. A working TV Set..


1. Turn on the TV, if you're using normal astro and it says not available, its raining outside. Though we don't know how heavy it is..

To know how heavy it is,

Use b.yond, turn on the TV, if it says not available, means it is raining cats and dogs outside..

Seriously I have to say that byond is really good in slight rain..
Azlan Mahmud
I can't.. Because the content will not be original.. There must be someone who already posted on the sites/blogs..

I need something original... and I dont like blogging personal stuff because ITS PERSONAL..

Personal = Twitter..

Seriously with the invention of Twitter blogs are not used anymore.. Only if we are going to write a super duper long article then we use blogs..

Under 140 Characters = Twitter..

Around 140-350 = TwitLonger

more than that than I blog. KTHXBYE..

- sent via school's stupid computer

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Azlan Mahmud
I Really really want to change my phone now.. the HTC Artemis I'm using currently is so outdated.. it is launched in 2006 and the good thing about it is only the GPS, which sucks sometimes. no 3G, only edge..

So this will be my choice for my next phone.

1. HTC HD2

1. 1Ghz Quallcomm SnapDragon Processor - damn fast! no more app lagging!
2. 4.3 inches of pure goodness.. Good for GPS Navigation (my main priority) and watching movies on the go.
3.HTC Sense - the interface is GOOODDD

1. Cant do Video Call and no secondary camera
2.Windows Mobile 6.5 is soo OLD!
3.only 200MB internal memory. (my HTC Artemis is 32MB internal though)

PRICE : RM1999

2.iPhone 4

1. Apple A4 Proccesor - i think its 1Ghz
2.32GB internal space
3.PentaBand HSPA
4. Retina Display (940X640 resolution) with IPS LCD
5.Shoots video at 720p @ 30fps
6. GyroScopre

1. Overrated
2. Expensive
3. OS is not "free" cannot get apps outside the Apple AppStore
4. no Garmin GPS software. cause other GPS software doesnt update Malaysian maps
5. Reception issues - cant touch some angle of the phone as it will interfear with the cell reception
6.Video Calling is WiFi and iPhone-to-iPhone only.


3. Nokia N8


1. 16GB Internal space
2. AMOLED screen
3. Can output video to TV through HDMI
4.12MP AF camera with XENON flash
5. Video Calling


1. Hurmmm, maybe the price?
2. Symbian gonna die soon
3.Screen not big enough
4. only 680mhz processor.

PRICE: Not available yet (maybe around iphone's price)

OR, Ill just wait for


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Azlan Mahmud
This is a test on embedding tweets on a blog using BlackBird Pie

So here it is, I hope it works

Does it work? leave comments..
Azlan Mahmud
called Astro on Saturday, gave them the account number, Decoder serial number and agreed to the terms and condition. There is a 1 year contract for this b.yond, but who cares, we've been on Astro since 1996/1997. After that Astro said they will install b.yond here before 19th June. That's a long time..

yesterday, 8th june 2010, Astro called and said they will install it tomorrow (which is today 9/6/2010). Then today, they called again that they were coming to install.. within 15 minutes, they arrived at my home.

They unhook the cables from the old decoder because they wanna take it back.

So here is the box for the new Astro B.yond decoder

Then they started to remove the old dish, and install the new one

removing the old one

installing the new, black, wider dish

Goodbye PHILIPS ASTRO dish, u've served is more than 10 years already

Now the new dish is fixed, testing the dish for the optimal satellite reception

after the dish is fully installed, they checked the satellite setting on the TV

After everything is done, the Astro installer explained to me 1 by 1 of the Astro B.yond features.. then he updated the software version to the latest..

Here are some pics of the HD channels


And here are 2 other shots from HBO HD

The installation time took roughly around 1 hour. I wish I had a bigger screen TV so I can see more picture details..

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Azlan Mahmud
Whatt??? Someone registered Facebook under my email adress

This is the email I got

-----Original Message-----
From: Facebook <>
Sent: Friday, 30 October 2009 11:08 AM
Subject: Action Required: Confirm Your Facebook Account

Hey Chun Kit,

You recently registered for Facebook. To complete your Facebook registration, follow this link:

Facebook helps you communicate and stay in touch with all of your friends. Once you join Facebook, you'll be able to share photos, plan events, and more.

The Facebook Team

Pfft, what la, dun have own email adress ka?

Azlan Mahmud
Hehe, this day is so great, first I got my Avatar Blu-Ray which is ordered from
the price is RM95.20 and RM5 for shipping. Ordered on Thursday night, VideoEzy called me but I didnt answered because the phone was somewhere else! so they called again on Friday to confirm. so it was confirmed. Today (15 May 2010) the shipment arrived!

WTH, it comes with BARBIE????

OK, the picture quality was so goood even on a non-calibrated, HD Ready 1080p (1366X768) TV. sound was good too. sadly I cant enjoy the true potential of the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 cause I dont have a Home Theatre System.

Then, I went for lunch.. After coming back... and curiously checked the house mailbox, I was surprised to see this

my The Dark Knight that I ordered from on 1st May 2010 has ARRIVED!

Item Shipped: May 5th 2010
Expected arrival: June 11 2010 <--- why so long one? Released by Customs(phew...): 14 May 2010 Arrived at my place: 15 May 2010.. Really didnt expect this. EXACTLY 10 days.. I choose the CHEAPEST shipping options available. The reason I bought this The Dark Knight is because I cant resist the deal, only USD 9.49!!! So this is only what "I" (ya right...) had to pay... USD 9.49 and USD 8.98 for shipping. Total: USD 18.47. That is still CHEAP. Compared to RM149 which is selling at $peedy... but if me buy MORE things the shipping will be way lesser... but I guess only these for now.. will probably buy more when really CHEAP deals comes again. Enjoying the movie now, BYE!
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Azlan Mahmud

Because most of the students here use it for DotA, Garena and all those stuffs... leaving me with this...

FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL speed... and to make it WORST!! Every single site is getting blocked... Luckily I know some of the unblockers.. and everyone in class is begging me for it... Maybe I should ask them to pay each working proxy site I gave them...

and to make things more worst, my previous school, SMK Bukit Indah has its school internet at FULL SPEED and all sites are unblocked.. haihhzzz... I wanna go back to that school...
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Azlan Mahmud
Last Saturday, we all went to Mazda showroom at Jalan Ampang

Bermaz Motor Trading Sdn Bhd, Jalan Ampang..

Checking out the cars that is there, the recently launched Mazda 2, Mazda 3 Sports sedan and the Mazda 6.. They weren't any test drive cars that day.. so we booked a test drive today (1/5/2010)

So today went back to the Mazda showroom, took the Mazda 6 2.5L for a test drive around KL.

Its a 2.5L engine so its a bit heavy.. Acceleration wise.. its okay.. if you are cruising at 100km/h its very easy to accelerate smoothly.. Fuel consumption is 10KM/Litre for highway and around 7-8KM/Litre for city driving..

I like the sunroof for this car... oh.. and the best thing is.. Cornering is SOOO Goood!!!

But because of this car is using Sports suspension.. the rear passenger (which is me) will feel sick.. because it is SOOO Bumpy... I almost threw up.. but they say it can be changed to a softer suspension.

The car only lacks GPS..

The price for the 2.o RM148,933 W/O insurance and for the 2.5L is RM175000 W/O insurance..
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Azlan Mahmud
Why do I only like Toshiba ZV Series over other LED, 3D LCD Tv's?


Because of this feature that does not exist on other TV's.. just for Toshiba

Toshiba’s unique and critically-acclaimed Resolution+ upscaling technology takes everyday standard definition content and instantly improves edge detail and texture, enhancing it to virtually high definition picture quality. Even for the untrained eye, the difference between standard and high definition picture quality is plain to see. Resolution+ drastically improves standard definition picture quality, bringing it close to the level of clarity which only high definition content can achieve. With Resolution+, your Toshiba LCD Television will produce near high definition picture quality on all standard definition TV, DVD and downloaded content you watch while still delivering the most pure and stunning picture quality possible from all high definition sources. Watch as your favourite movies, programmes and games become clearer, richer and sharper than ever before with Toshiba, and Resolution+.

read more about it HERE

Basically. When for example you watch Astro's Standard Definition channels which is broadcasted in 4:3 aspect ratio, it will be stretched to fit the whole TV Screen and the image will be highly pixelated.

However, you can also have Pillarbox on your 16:9 Screen.

this option retains the original 4:3 format on the 16:9 screen.... But.. what's the benefit of a big TV if you dont fully maximise its potential?

So this Toshiba's Resolution+ technology will take the quality of the standard definition and process to make the image appear as a 1080p image. which will look Near HD quality...

other things I like bout this TV is because it can play 24P Real Movie and it have ClearScan 200 which uses its backlight scanning technology.. so faster framerate.. good for playing games.. oh.. and AutoView to..

Price - Rm3.5k.. Its worth it...
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Azlan Mahmud
Another year had passed, my 14th birthday had passed on 21/3/2010. Did not do any celebration, just eat at a restaurant.. Didnt get any bday present yet.. But I really really want either this 2.

- Toshiba 42ZV600E

to put in my room donno if it fits or not, will throw all the stuff, then put the and there. I need to pay half of the TV price although...

and this one, but this may just be my dream.. Panasonic 7.1 channel home theatre system


- an iPhone 4G

Which is not launched yet, need to wait till July..

Decision's... decision's......
Azlan Mahmud
Recently, P1 Launched an antivirus program called P1NetSecure, it is basically powered by F-Secure and rebranded to P1NetSecure, the interface of the program is not F-Secure but P1NetSecure

Features -

Internet experience with P1 NetSecure
P1 NetSecure offers better security online without slowing down your computer. The new Browsing Protection feature tells you which websites are safe to enter and which you should avoid. Harmful sites are blocked automatically to ensure safe surfing while renewed Parental Control keeps children safe from inappropriate web content.

Automatic updates and advanced DeepGuard™ cloud computing technology ensure the fastest protection against all new threats. Extensive usability studies have helped us design a user experience that ensures safe PC use. You are safe, whatever you do online.

Key Features
detects and stops malware received through emails,
removeable data storage, or downloaded from the internet.

Detects and removes spyware from your computers.

Protects your computer against hackers.

Spam filter
Helps you stay free from spam email and phising attempts.

Parental control
Control your internet settings to protect your children from accessing
inappropriate web content. This function allows you to set different
profiles for children of different ages, create whitelists and blacklists
and even establish time limit for internet access.

the normal subscribtion fee is RM5.99 per month for 1 license and RM7.99 per month for 3 license

P1 had a Twitter contest, the first person who answers correctly will get a 1 year of subscription

I answered it correctly and I am the first to answer, so I won

So they give me their license key. but I am not using it since I already have Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 pirated key file I am giving this away. You want it?

If u have a twitter account, simply copy and paste this and tweet it

RT: @azlan96: Win a Free 1 year Subscribtion of #P1NetSecure from @P1w1MAX
Post a comment on this blog post, please include your email address in the comment. I will choose the winner by using List Randomizer
Azlan Mahmud
Wow man, the lastest Chile earthquake is 8.8 Richter Scale. That's Crazy!!

Expect some Tsunami's. More than 50 countries is at risk of getting
the wave. The Tsunami warning went off at Hawaii just now. More than
78 people were killed because of the earthquake. They predict the
tsunami will hit Indonesia but not Malaysia. Thank god.

Anyway, RIP for the people that have lost their lives. Check the
latest update from CNN or Twitter.

Sent from my mobile device

Azlan Mahmud
Yesterday (24th Feb 2010) something happened in my class, which the so called "worse" case in my school. me and some of my friends got back to the class from changing our Shirts to Sports attire, when we arrived at the class, the Discipline teacher was there along with all other classmates. So we were curious what did happen. So, the teacher said one of the girl's table had been written really foul language. so he asked us to give our books to him to check the handwriting which match the writing on the table.

So, we passed it, the teacher lets us go to do sports activity, TODAY (25th Feb 2010), another discipline teacher came to our class, SHOUTING about how that can happen, she said like "ini kerja orang gile ****" she was shouting for an hour, she said better admit, no one admitted. So she says this investigation will go on till the school finds the one who wrote it and we cant go for the Sports Day if the suspect doesnt get caught... ugh FML. Come on.., can you just ignore it? Its just a foul language.. OTHER schools have bigger problem like the student's smoking, trading illegal items bla bla bla and so on.. and the girl who sits at the table there, cant she just ignore it and just erase? Report here report there, now all of us are in trouble
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Azlan Mahmud
So someone said that AVATAR Blu-Ray will come out next month, it is still a rumour.

Read more on Lowyat forum

Starting from that post, till the end of the page.. I really hope it will come out
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Azlan Mahmud
Today was the most EMBARRASING day for me and my classmates. It was Arabic language subject. The teacher asked us to go to our school's Arabic centre. OK, then me and my friends took our stuff ( pencil case, textbook and notebook) and leave the classroom, there is still some boys left in the classroom. The girls were preparing their stuffs too that time, we dont want to wait for them. So we left..

The Arabic centre is outside of the school, a block away. Me and my friends go in to the Arabic centre. the guy in there asked where we are from, we answered the name of our class. Than the guy asked me all of us to sit down at a TV area. We sit quietly doing nothing, then some guy in a class were looking at us in a weird way. we ignored him.

Then a lady come out from the class and tell us. This is not ADNI Arabic Centre.


and that lady told us that is not the first time people wrongly entered that arabic centre. Uggh, then we go to right arabic centre, we we're all had red faces when we were there. FML

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Azlan Mahmud
Well, I want to get prizes... but dont want use my own money, just trying to make money online.

1. LinkBucks

Getting Started Icon

Linkbucks is the first Internet advertising network to recognize that the interplay between websites and web users is the foundation of a successful viral campaign. Our network brings web users, websites, and marketers together in a way that is beneficial to everyone.

2. Twivert

Make money on twitter

Twivert provides "value ads" which you can share with your friends through twitter. When someone clicks on these ads you get paid, thats it.

3. Lockerz

more info -

4. PrizeRebel

Welcome to Do you want Free Xbox 360 Games, Maplestory Cards and Mesos, Game Prepaid Cards, clothing, electronics or anything else imaginable?

Simply signup and you will be getting prizes in no time!

5. Points2Shop

that is some of It, i joined tons actually
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