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Some might say that we are paying so much for our cars here right in Malaysia, but, do we? Here are some of the things might make you think differently. I'll give you one example,

user posted image

This is the price of a normal Volkswagen Passat in Malaysia. So, do you think its expensive? Now let me show you, the price of the same Volkswagen Passat, but this time in the United Kingdom.

Do note that in UK the car is at bare minimum and most of the features we get on the Malaysian market are optional features to them, so I configured a matching specification of the VW Passat on the VW UK website and here is the result.

user posted image

See what I meant? The difference is just around RM5000, and yet the Passat in the UK does NOT offer leather seats like the ones we get here.

Please take note that is conversion is a DIRECT currency conversion without any factors such as the salary of the rakyats, the petrol prices and the general cost of living.. Because this is how we Malaysian's compare laa.

Think about it, comments is appreciated.
Azlan Mahmud

These past few years, we've been bombarded with the launch of B-Segment hatchback in Malaysia such as the Mazda 2, Peugeot 208, Kia Rio, VW Polo, Suzuki Swift and all the likes of it.. Now here comes the Ford Fiesta.

Ford Fiesta was first introduced in Malaysia in 2010, it had a 1.6L 120hp engine, as of this week, Ford Malaysia has introduced the updated version of the Fiesta..

So, what is so great about it? What is the changes between the new one and the old one?

Lets look at the DESIGN first.



Updated grills is the most noticable because this is just a facelift model. So, you are expecting a LED DRL like the Fiesta's in other countries? Sorry, you wont get it here..


The new Ford Fiesta gains an automatic headlights ,automatic wipers, Keyless entry with Push Start Button (Most new cars have this anyways, no big deal). 

Smart Regenerative Charging

This advance feature allows additional energy to be converted and stored in the battery rather than dissipated at the brakes, especially during vehicle deceleration.


Electronic Stability Programme and Hill Launch Assist.

Negative Points 

Now, to the downsides of the car, the engine now spots a new 1.5L Ti-VCT which produces 112PS compared to the old 1.6L Ti-VCT which outputs 120PS, why? I believe there's something to do with the tax structures of cars based on the engine capacity in Thailand. because u know la , Thailand mostly uses Vios.. So fikir-fikir sendiri la ye. Ah, before I forget, the car still only has 2 airbags,  When the competitors all have 6 airbags as standard..

Pricing, the price of the old car (inc. insurance) is RM 84888 while this new facelift costs (inc. insurance) RM86988, RM2000 more than the car it replaces. 

So, is it worth the price increase, with the downgrade of engine power but upgrade in features? Tepuk dada tanya selera.


I have seen the car live infront of me when I went to the Ford Showroom in Ampang (Trio Mantap), here's some pictures I've taken with my phone. The phone's camera was having some sort of issue with lightning and I am not sure what's the cause of it..

12V Port, the Ford SYNC is powered by Microsoft, that means it would accept Voice commands like smartphones these days. Was a little bit dissapointed as there was a lack of armrest. 

Time to end this post, for me, I still prefer the Proton Suprima S, just because of the turbo engine and the whole array of features it offers. Well that's just me, You might have your own opinion.. Interested? All Ford showrooms nationwide has the new Fiesta on display, go check 'em out. Bye!

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Azlan Mahmud

Just noticed this, all these while  I only had HSDPA signal on my phone which is using DiGi network..

But yesterday, randomly launched settings and found out that HSPA+ has been enabled.. That took a while.. Celcom and Maxis had it since forever!

Anyways better late then never I guess

Azlan Mahmud
So finally after so long, the awaited new hatchback from Proton that was used to be called as the P3-22A has been officially named as the Proton Suprima S.

The brochure has been leaked. See for yourself. Seeing is believing..

Auto Headlamps. The only car that has auto headlamps within this price range is the Koreans and the Continentals. Now even the local cars has it, Japanese, when are u going to add this feature? Same goes with auto wipers.

Electric Side Mirrors - Every car has this I presume.

DayTime running Lights - Only the Premium variant of the Suprima S has this, the normal ones only functions as a positioning lights, where you turn in on at around dawn before the dipped/main beams.

Positioning lights can function as a DRL as well. Picture is from a VW Passat and a 308 CC
6 airbags and ESC - Well done, European standards. The only car in the price range that has both is the Kia Rio.

Engine Push Start - Even the new japanese makes are putting this in their cars nowadays, not a big deal.

Here comes the spec lists..\

Much much feature and specs that even a large D segment car does not have, (*cough*cough*Camry*Cough*cough*)

Is it worth the money? Tepuk dada tanya selera..
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Azlan Mahmud
Hello there

 Its been a while since I last updated this blog. Not that I am busy or those sort of things. Its just procrastination has beem getting in my way these days..

Anyways, Its that time of the year again where every muslims in the whole wide world has to fast from Fajar till Maghrib.

On Friday, the 2nd week of puasa, the class had organised a buka puasa get together. Some unlucky incidence happened along the way, but I guess thats the struggle we have to face especially in this blessed month of Ramadhan. All went smoothly after that..
Lets browse through some pictures..

Everyone's playing with their devices as usual
Camwhoring by the escalator
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Recently, I had turned on Airplane mode on my laptop that is running on Windows 8, when I turn Airplane Mode back OFF, WiFi did not get enable automatically, even the Troubleshoot Problems could not fix the problem for me..

I found out the problem lies in the Windows 8 OS itself thanks to some googling.

Here is the solution to those of you that is facing this issue now..

Azlan Mahmud
Have you ever faced a situation, in where you tried to change your DNS, and you realised, you cant, just because of this issue?

In order to configure tcp/ip you must install and enable a network adapter card.

It must be annoying right?

I had this problem on my Dell Inspiron 14R SE (7420) that was running on Windows 8 64-Bit.

After a few trial and errors, I managed to find the solution.

Please make sure you have already downloaded the latest drivers from Intel Driver Update Utility, if you are on an Intel chip.. , download the suitable one for your computer.

1. Hit Windows key + R, enter devmgmt.msc and press OK.

2. In Device Manager, Scroll down until you see Network Adaptors. Expand it. Now, for my case it is the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230.

3. Right Click on Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230 and click Uninstall, do not tick the box that says 'Delete the Driver software for this Device'. Then, press OK.

4. At this point, you will lose your internet connection already, dont be panic.

5. Go to Uninstall or Change a program in the Control Panel, right click your Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software, click change

6. Based on what you see in the above picture, press Remove. Uninstall everything..

7. After you had done removing, if course you still dont have Internet connection, so what do you do is launch the software that you had downloaded earlier from Intel Driver Update Utility, for my version as of this posting is wireless_15.5.7_e64.exe.

8. Just do the usual installation, click on Next, Next, Next, Typical Installation, Next, and it should install itself. 

9. Once everything is done installing, you should see that you can now reconnect to your WiFi.

10. Try to change your DNS once again, this time, the error should not pop up and you can use your preferred DNS. I would recommend using Google DNS.

Sooo. That's it!
Azlan Mahmud

KLCC, It is the place where many people go to when they would like to a catch a firework on a New Year's Eve or Hari Merdeka..

But then, you might find yourself dissapointed when you had to turn back home because you found out that the roads leading to there are closed. Afraid not, there is a way to overcome this. You do need to pay some charges though..

Make sure to watch the video in 1080p ya!

Note: Use Touch&Go card for the convenience.. 

1. You must be coming from AKLEH, Simply enter the KLCC carpark.

2. Once you tapped your TnG card and the barrier comes up, drive and make a U-Turn. This is the way to exit KLCC.

3. Once you exit KLCC, you will find yourself driving on Jalan Pinang, drive straight towards Jalan Kia Peng and try to find a slot to park your car.

4. Once you have parked your car, walk towards Traders Hotel.

5. Finish, just stand there in front of the Convention Centre and wait for the countdown.