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Just when I got back home today after school, I was shocked to see that my account in Lowyat.NET was BANNED

I was like, What the !!!!! Creating dupe account??? I wont create more account there!! And this staff, StevenistelRooy banned me for it..

Halooo!!! My friend that surfs the website says that the account was created on 2 AM.. Why the I want to create an account in the middle of the night????

For any LYN'ners out there, let me speak out the truth

I was last online'ed in LYN on 7:30 PM and then I had to shutdown my computer. Because I am going to tuition. After comming back from tuition, I DID NOT turn on my computer because I was going to sleep. Then, Coming back from school today, turned on the PC and surf its website, suddenly got a Board Message saying I am banned.

So I ask my online friend Manmohanjit to talk to a Staff in the forum. See what the staff replied

Same, Still Permaban, I am happy


You are happy because of I got banned and I am not guilty????? Fail la. I never did anything wrong. I post constructive posts, and still they say I am childish. That's not fair!

I have already email'ed the admins here

havent received any replies yet... Waiting for it..
Azlan Mahmud
This year, Google has turned 11!

I've noticed that the Google website has changed their Logo!

Anyways, Happy Birthday! I hope you would appoint me to be the next CEO I hope Google will always be there on the interwebs because it helps many people get their work done!
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Azlan Mahmud
P1 is having a Hari Raya contest on Twitter.

As you can see in the Image, there will be 5 winners. I decided to participate. You just need to put the hashtag #P1Raya to be qualified in this contest.

As you can tweet once an hour, I decided to do some cheating, well not really cheating, but I went to search for tweets that have #P1Raya and when I see there is already 14 tweets, I immediatly went tweeting. It turned out I am the lucky 15th Twits.

Today is 24th of September 2009 and the contest finished already, the response is well, just OK. Only 3 people won

When I saw this,

I immediatly jumped happily around the house... hehe

I then was asked by p1 to email my details to and I did it. this is what they replied

YEAY!!! I cant wait till it arrives at my home! W00t!
Azlan Mahmud
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin kepada seluruh umat Islam! Bestnyer kalau dapat balik kampung!.. Tapi unfortunately takde kampong lar!!! so tak payahla nyanyi lagu ni. Anyway minta maaf jika ada tersalah silap, tolong maafkan yer!

Enjoy la lagu lagu raya nih

Gambar pulak

Owh, Tengok nih! Selamat Hari Raya trending topic kat Twitter la!!

Azlan Mahmud
Biasa la bulan Puasa & nak raya nih, tak sah kalau takde budak-budak main bunga api kat padang ker, kat depan rumah ker... Tu boleh tahan lagi, sebab bunyi pelahan jer... tak kuat..

Tapi yang paling benci sekali diorang yang main mercun

Punya la bising kat luar. Bedentam dentum.....

Diorang ni dah lar membahayakan diri sendri, tapi orang lain pon... Contoh orang yang ada heart attack problem, boleh mati terkejut weyh......

Orang-orang yang main mercun ni tak takut ke ni jadik kat diorang??

Buta akibat mercun bola jiran

Lima jari kiri hancur - Pelajar PMR cedera akibat bermain mercun bola

Nak raya tak? Nak dapat duit raya tak? Nanti main mercun muka terbakar, jari putus, kena la beraya kat Hospital. PADAN MUKA!

Lagipun, buat apa main mercun? Macam bakar duit jer

Ye la kan, lepas kita bakar mercun, BOOM, dah habis... duit:hilang cam tu saja


Azlan Mahmud
So my HP laptop was repaired after it was sent to HP by my dad..

See this post: Bad Day

My dad sent it on Monday last week.. It should be fixed by last Friday, but my dad got a Call from HP saying that the Motherboard should be replaced.. So Ok with that because HP would replace it for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE *Happy mode on* So I waited until today

I SMS'ed my dad asking how's the laptop? Is it fixed?

To my surprise, he replied this

Translate to English: Its fixed but all the data are lost due to the change of the mottherboard.


All my files, my video collections, my virtual PC all GONE!! WAaaaaaa!!!

Uugh, tomorrow I need to reinstall all the Updates, softwares and almost EVERYTHING!

Luckily I have backed up some of my important photos, videos on my External Harddrive, that saved my life!!

Now the laptop is fixed, I gotta install Antivirus software, Tons of things to do actually

You may wish to edit my Things to download.txt here on FileSocial

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Azlan Mahmud

Apple had recently launched their new iPod Nano 5th generation

Some new features of it are it is available to record a video, but you can't take still images

A Radio, Read about it Here

Now there is the built-in mic, it lets you capture a thought, a reminder, a class lecture, or any audio recording you want with Voice Memos

There a 2 version available for now, the 8GB and 16GB

8GB US$149

16GB US$179

For those living in Malaysia and wish to purchase it online you can go to Malaysia Apple Store

8GB1: 2,000 songs / 8 hours of video RM 599.00

16GB1: 4,000 songs / 16 hours of video RM 719.00

Apple have released some other stuffs too


Oh, this is a video on the new iPod Nano unboxing

Azlan Mahmud
There are many people in this world that like and dislike buying an Original software... Some may crack the software to make it work.. But, sometimes the cracked software dont function properly

My advice is, Download a software that you want from their website, Download as a trial product, they should have it, if not then you need to pay :(

I suggest going to

There you can find lots of keys. Choose the one which have the highest rating

Over than 70% is quite OKAY, Read comments too, If most of the users says it cant work, then it cant work....

Enjoy getting software's for FREE!
Azlan Mahmud
This is a game for all of you who likes crunching cars and stuffs.. Its a great game, but starting Level 2 it will be a little hard...


The objective of the game is to get to the end of the course. There are various obstacles and items that may decrease your health. There are also items that will help you finish the course. Try to check out how it will react to obstacles to avoid losing health. Have Fun!

Use your arrow keys to control it

I managed to take a screenshot of me finishing Level 1

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Azlan Mahmud
Haihhhh.. Yesterday and today is a bad day


At school I got Sejarah test paper back and the results is 48%. what????????? I can't believe it... Well, live must go on....

So after go back from school as usual I on the laptop and start spamming /k/

So during buka puasa I eat infront of my laptop... Then suddenly, my brother push the table... and the the Root Beer I was about to drink fell and some of it kena my laptop TouchPad...

Go read here at Lowyat.NET - Technical Support

So lantakla.... Today still cannot ON. I think I need to go to HP and ask them for a repair


So, as usual I go to school, chit chat... and do stuffs.. I got some of the results of my test...

English - 78% (What????? I never get B for English, this is my first time)

Math - 63% (Kinda weak.. Well, I am not so good in Math)

Kemahiran Hidup - Cant remember...........

Science - 70% (It improved, before this I always get around 60-65%)

OK, That's all... Oh shoot! I haven't done my ART.. and next week is the week to send it....
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