Azlan Mahmud
Sorry for not updating the blog post for a long time, this is because I am too lazy or nothing to post...

Well, I am going to have an exam on 3rd November 2009 and didnt study yet.. The thing is, I dont like reading books, it is soo boring!!! Cant click it and the colours are not amazing... And because I am addicted to the internet, eveything is simple, not like the ordinary text book which is all TL;DR (Too long ; Didn't read) its a WALL OF TEXT!

Now lots of my time are spend sitting infront of the laptop screen, Blame P1 for that... The network connection always disconnect, really slow download and upload speed.

I have also spend lot of time playing Facebook apps like Happy Aquarium and Cafe World

On level 12 right now...

And I also need a new aircon, bcoz the old one has the swing broken.. and..

Gonna get an Aircon like this

hmm.. That's all.. eh wait, dont forget to click Nuffnang ads.. hehe
Azlan Mahmud
Do you know what Lockerz is?

Lockerz is an invitation-only website created to connect members through commerce, content and community. Watch exclusive video, discover new music, play games, connect with friends, and get rewarded for it. The more often you visit, the more opportunities you have to earn PTZ (or “Pointz”), Lockerz’ own form of currency. Lockerz was founded in March, 2009.

To collect PTZ, it is simple, You only need to Login! And that will give you 2 PTZ, other than that, you can answer their Dailies which is a question. You will get 2 PTZ through that.. When you invite more people, you will get more PTZ (1 person : 2PTZ).

Get 20 person to join you and you will be in the Z-Lister. When you are a Z-Lister, you can get their T-Shirt for free! get double PTZ and many fantastic prizes

You need at least 35PTZ to get a skin for the iPhone and 3000PTZ to get an Samsung 40" LCD TV! Cool right??!!

See these videos, these people are unboxing the prizes they redeemed


So do you want these fantastic prizes?????? Get your invites now! simply post your email address in the comments and Ill gladly send them to you...

P/S: My PTZ is so little! Ill work on it!

1 new alert
14 PTZ
1 friend joined
1 accepted friend
19 to go
Azlan Mahmud
Hei everybody.. Long time me no update... Its because I really really dont know what to post.....

Oh well, Now I am using Windows 7 RTM.....

Just wanna blog bout this, last Thursday (8/10/2009) I went bowling with my class friends... Around 1o people..

It was fun, woke up at 8:30 AM, brush teeth, shower, eat, etc... Then at 9:20 I left house to pickup Afiq at his home which is near to mine, next we go to pickup Zoie at his house. My grandfather drove to Flamingo Plaza. Soon as we reach there, Putri and Ong arrived already...

So we stand and wait till Nadim, Syazani and Ariff to come...

Nadim and Syazani came together, I looked at Zoie's watch because I dont have my own and the clock is showing its 10 AM already, which means the bowling alley has opened.. We then enter the building and go into the elevator. I pressed 3rd floor.. Soon, we got into 3rd floor, the workers are busy cleaning the bowling alley... We waited about 20 minutes...


So, it was open. Since there was only us there, we que up in line, to pay the bowling, the rates are RM 4.50 per person per game (RM3.50 game + RM 1.50 shoes)..

Then, another friend, Azeem came... and he joined us played... We played for 2 rounds.. I scored 2 strikes and 3 spares.. Some of my friend cheated when he changed the score...

After finishing the game, we went to Ampang Point to eat and just walk there... crossed the very dangerous road.. Luckily 1 minute there is NO CAR AT ALL! So I used that chance to cross the road..

Then, we went to McDonald's to eat, everybody bought their own food.. I bought 6 pieces of Nuggets, 1 Coca Cola and 1 Sundae Cone...

Umm, Yummy!

After that we went shopping walking around the mall and just seeing stuff, some of my friends bought a computer game...

That's all my story. Thanks for reading...

Visit my Facebook Album for more pictures I snapped! It was a great time spending time with friends... Gonna do that again for the Final Year holidays!

Azlan Mahmud
I wrote about I won the P1 Raya Contest

Last week I already got the parcel that was sent from P1. When the item was sent, I was at school. I was going back from school and my grandpa bring the parcel.. I didnt open it yet, open at house..

Here's the picture

Got my name and Adress

From Packet One Networks!

The back of the parcel...
Front of the parcel... from City-Link Express... "Priority" Summore!!

This is what I got... P1 Notebook, a Mug and its flyers

But wait, Where's the pen??? Aaaaagghhhh.. Forgot...... My brother is using it.... but, its a normal pen with P1 Logo...

Thank you P1......
Azlan Mahmud
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The second one is I use NuffNang

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that's all. thx for reading