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I am at Jalan Bukit Bintang right now and waiting for the new
year.countdown has started, the road is full of people. I will be
uploading pictures LIVE from here to my twitter. U wanna see it? Go
check out

Sent from my mobile device

Azlan Mahmud
2009 just pass by the flash of light, all the good and bad things that happen are now just in our memory. Lets just forget about the bad things that had passed, and celebrate this new year

oh, btw, at JW marriot, the internet speed,

user posted imageuser posted image


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Azlan Mahmud
I recently found this out, that if you are using P1 W1MAX services, this is the way to check which Base Station are you connected.

1. Go to

2. Username: admin Password: admin123

3. Once you've log in, you can see the screen like below

4. Now, look at the BSID, go to your BSID no. eg, 00:00:12:a1:06:63 then go to the link

5. Now, you will see which Base Station you are connected

If it is too far from where you are living, you might just need to reposition your modem :)

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Azlan Mahmud
Last monday I dont know why I am suddenly sick. Around 11 AM suddenly my body temperature become hot and I got a thermometer, and it show'd 39.5 Degree Celcius.. For 3 days my body temperature is hot and I feel like want to pitam (what's that in English ?). Now I am Ok.

Owh, for all muslims

Azlan Mahmud
As you know, I did khatam last Saturday and my brother sunat (circumsize), refer to this blog post
. So the money I collected from that I used it to buy the new PS3 Slim. The PS3 it so great!

Here is the box (photo taken today)

The PS3's harddrive space is 120GB, you can upgrade it if you want

Here's the PS3 Console, 40% Slimmer than its fat version. Oh, under the PS3 is my laptop USB cooler, IT WORKS on the PS3..

That's the PS3 main page after u boot it up. This PS3 is connected to the TV via HDMI cable that I bought at BEST Denki in KLCC for RM69.90, its a Philips

That's the console information, it comes with System Software Version 3.0, I used my laptop to download the update to 3.10 as the internet is slow..

Last picture I took, Bought the game MotorStorm 2 : Pacific Rift for RM219 and there is the 2 Wireless controller..

Ok, I am playing the PS3 now, bye
Azlan Mahmud
Last saturday was my khatam al-quran and my brother's sunat (Khatan). All went smoothly.

Wake up at 7:30 AM and showered. then wait for my brother

Azmeir playing with the mic before going to the clinic

at 8 AM we go to the clinic, since its not Azmeir's turn yet so we go and eat at the mamak..

waiting to be sunat'ed

While eating at the mamak the doctor called saying its his turn already...

We all go inside the room to see azmeir circumsize, oh yeah, I closed my eyes..

after sunat

Then after Zohor prayers, it is my turn to Khatam.. it all went good, was nervous a bit.. but it was OK

For more pictures, please go to my Facebook Album - Majlis Khatam dan Khatan
Azlan Mahmud
Sorry people that had wanted to view my livestream. There will no
LiveStream because my internet connection went down.. Blame it on my
internet.. Sorry.. I will upload if my internet upload speed is back

Sent from my mobile device

Azlan Mahmud
So tomorrow will be my majlis Khatam Al-Quran, for those who cant attend to this event, you can watch it live HERE on this post!

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

Ok! Dont forget to watch

Azlan Mahmud
I don't care if u cant read Malay, but this post is only for the one who can read Malay.

Alamak..... 3 hari lagi, hari Sabtu nih (5/12/2009) nanti aku ada Majlis Khatam Al-Quran.... Adik aku pulak akan sunat AKA berkhatan pagi tu... Huh.... Nervousnya nak baca surah-surah depan orang ramai.... malu tau... Nanti salah baca camne??? Dah la microphone yang bengong tu kena letak mulut betul betul depan mic tu kalau tak takde bunyi. Pastu x de mic stand plak tu... camne la nak baca sambil pegang mic... 4 muka surat tau kena baca.....

Gambar kat atas nih untuk kasi kat orang yang datang.. ada 50.....

Semua orang sebuk buat preparation.. Pegi kedai buku photostat, gona MS Office PowerPoint 2010 untuk desain cover dalam gamba tuh...

Adik Azmeir pulak entah kenapa haritu tiba tiba je dia kata nak sunat.. bagus la jugak.....

Ok la, dah tatau apa lagi nak taip...

Senang senang korang ikut je la aku kat @Azlan96. see ya... bai
Azlan Mahmud
This is going to be my first time writing a post using my mobile
phone. Using the GMail app for phone. Somehow cant use the phone's
default email system. 1 thing I dont like bout this app, I cant attach

Sent from my mobile device

Azlan Mahmud
Its the time of the year that every school student will have their break for a 1 1/4month.

Mine started earlier on Wednesday


Besides at the laptop 24/7 which I am planning not to do, I dont have a gaming console, might get one soon.

Oh, I will be having khatam al-quran on 5th or 6th December

and my brother will circumcise, Other than that, Im pretty much free.. Dunno what to do, suggest me.. And I dont think we will be going travel because my dad has exam in December.

Friends? nah... dont want, they are boring...

Just suggest me what to do OKAY?
Azlan Mahmud

Last Sunday, I went to KLCC TGV Cinema to watch this movie, Astro Boy, it is about a boy named Toby who was killed by a blast, then his father, Dr. Tenma went sad and created another him. But, it is a robot. He was great and fantastic, but, his father dont want him because he say when he look at him, it reminds of his real son who had been killed.

Using a Blue Core, he was awaken. The duplicated Toby finally realised that he was a robot when he fall from a building trying to talk with a window cleaner. He had rocket in his shoes.
President Stone discovers Toby's energy signature and his blue core, and orders his troops to capture it. Devastated, Toby flies off but not before Elefun assures him that he has a place somewhere in the world.

Toby fell into Surface. There, he was founded by a normal group of kids. They became family soon and built a robot called FOG.

Read about it here in Wikipedia . The one above is I wrote MYSELF.

Btw, Astro??? Reminds me of Malaysian's Satellite TV provider...
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Azlan Mahmud
I am pretty sure that many of you received this email:
Sent: Monday, 2 November 2009 5:08 PM
Subject: Winter storm expected to hit KL on 20 Nov

Dear Friends,

I don’t intend to cause alarm but I think I need to share this with everyone.

Rumors are surfacing about a freak winter storm that is expected to hit the Kuala Lumpur city centre on Friday, 20 November 2009 at around 7pm.

Being near the equator, KL has never experienced such a cold weather phenomenon and residents used to the hot and humid weather are warned to take serious precautions.

Reliable sources think that there are reasons to believe these rumors following some unusual weather-related events that many parts of the world have experienced in recent history.

Those who have never experienced extreme cold weather are advised to stick close to one another for support. I suggest reading this article on how to survive being stranded in snow and other similar ones you can find easily on the internet.

As I personally know some of these sources, I will send out further notices as we get closer to the anticipated event.

Remember, mark 20 November 2009 in your diaries. In such an occurrence, there is safety in numbers so stay close to one another, especially after office hours!

Stay tuned.
What KL is snowing??? Fail. Malaysia is in the khatulistiwa line so it will never snow! unless its the end of the world!

Here is the respond by Malaysian Meteorological Department

wow, it snowed! I am freezing now, gonna play snowball!

Its 8:30 PM already, where's da snow?? haha fail

Azlan Mahmud
Before this, I had to redirect to

But now, the domain is I could not get alone to work, you need to type in the WWW. Alternatively, you can still type and it will redirect to the current domain.

just be noted, thanks

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Azlan Mahmud
I am hating my school, which is SMK Bukit Indah, Ampang.

Some of the reasons I hate it.

1. Cheapskate students - I really really hate the students there, they are so like living in a stone age. The clothing their wearing is really hurtful to the eyes. Students there even smoke, it is so smelly. They only know how to belasah people and say rude things. OK, I can live with them saying rude words, but what I could not stand is, they insult other good students. They insult everything about them, about the family, about the students parents.. haihzz.. I dont know what will this students will do when they grow up.. BULLIES SUCKS, THEY HAVE NO LIFE. I dont know how the bullies parents control them. bloody cheapskates. They always disturb me on whatever I do and insult me... . Oh, before I forgot, they like to spit everywhere they want to

2. The condition of the school - Oh my god, this school looks TERRIBLE. I think it was like not renovated since 1996! It is SOOOOO Dirty!!!!! The toilet is full of sh** . The canteen, umm I hate going there, it is so messy. Not clean at all, some students even saw RATS on the kitchen. and they never bother to clean it.

3. The activites done - Yes, there has been activites like running the whole neighbourhood, badminton championship, footballs competition and other related stuff. But me, I dont like sports activites, OK maybe I like motor sports, Cant they just do like a Go-Kart competiton or something??????

4. The facilities - There is a computer lab there, we were teach to use Microsoft WORD, yes people WORD. Even my 5 year old brother can do that, and they are teaching about the basic of word. The computers there AREN'T equipped with Internet, which computer now dont have internet????????????????????? And, you cant bring a thumbdrive to use it at the lab, the reason is, THEY ARE SCARED OF VIRUS.. Come on!!!! Virus is easy to remove!!!!! haihzz. stupid school

oh, here are my result of exam. - Blame it on the students who always insult and disturb me.

These scores are over 100%

Bahasa Malaysia ( Malay language) : 71%

Mathematics: 48%

Kemahiran Hidup : 47%

Sejarah (History) : 61%

English: 70%

Civic : 99%

Art: 45%? (cant remember)

Geography: 60 something %

Science: 48% (cant believe it).

Ok, that's all..

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Azlan Mahmud
Today, I finished the first day of the exam. It is Bahasa Malaysia paper 1, paper 2 and Sejarah. Sejarah was so dem hard! I am feeling I will fail on Sejarah.. Waaa! :cries: Tomorrow is English and Geography, I hope I will do well :)

Here is my exam time table

Azlan Mahmud
Hey all, just to inform. I will be having an exam on 3/11/2009 which is on Tuesday. It is so hard to study with this kind of gangguan

Oh, wait, where is my exam timetable???? It is lost!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well probably ill just get my friend to bring it... Oh, I have a flu now. Dont know why, my brother is also having it. And so does many people I met...

I also like to do this during exam..

I got a pretty bad result from the last exam. Didnt get any A's. Hopefully this exam I well pass with flying colours. Pray for me and wish me good luck!
Azlan Mahmud
Sorry for not updating the blog post for a long time, this is because I am too lazy or nothing to post...

Well, I am going to have an exam on 3rd November 2009 and didnt study yet.. The thing is, I dont like reading books, it is soo boring!!! Cant click it and the colours are not amazing... And because I am addicted to the internet, eveything is simple, not like the ordinary text book which is all TL;DR (Too long ; Didn't read) its a WALL OF TEXT!

Now lots of my time are spend sitting infront of the laptop screen, Blame P1 for that... The network connection always disconnect, really slow download and upload speed.

I have also spend lot of time playing Facebook apps like Happy Aquarium and Cafe World

On level 12 right now...

And I also need a new aircon, bcoz the old one has the swing broken.. and..

Gonna get an Aircon like this

hmm.. That's all.. eh wait, dont forget to click Nuffnang ads.. hehe
Azlan Mahmud
Do you know what Lockerz is?

Lockerz is an invitation-only website created to connect members through commerce, content and community. Watch exclusive video, discover new music, play games, connect with friends, and get rewarded for it. The more often you visit, the more opportunities you have to earn PTZ (or “Pointz”), Lockerz’ own form of currency. Lockerz was founded in March, 2009.

To collect PTZ, it is simple, You only need to Login! And that will give you 2 PTZ, other than that, you can answer their Dailies which is a question. You will get 2 PTZ through that.. When you invite more people, you will get more PTZ (1 person : 2PTZ).

Get 20 person to join you and you will be in the Z-Lister. When you are a Z-Lister, you can get their T-Shirt for free! get double PTZ and many fantastic prizes

You need at least 35PTZ to get a skin for the iPhone and 3000PTZ to get an Samsung 40" LCD TV! Cool right??!!

See these videos, these people are unboxing the prizes they redeemed


So do you want these fantastic prizes?????? Get your invites now! simply post your email address in the comments and Ill gladly send them to you...

P/S: My PTZ is so little! Ill work on it!

1 new alert
14 PTZ
1 friend joined
1 accepted friend
19 to go
Azlan Mahmud
Hei everybody.. Long time me no update... Its because I really really dont know what to post.....

Oh well, Now I am using Windows 7 RTM.....

Just wanna blog bout this, last Thursday (8/10/2009) I went bowling with my class friends... Around 1o people..

It was fun, woke up at 8:30 AM, brush teeth, shower, eat, etc... Then at 9:20 I left house to pickup Afiq at his home which is near to mine, next we go to pickup Zoie at his house. My grandfather drove to Flamingo Plaza. Soon as we reach there, Putri and Ong arrived already...

So we stand and wait till Nadim, Syazani and Ariff to come...

Nadim and Syazani came together, I looked at Zoie's watch because I dont have my own and the clock is showing its 10 AM already, which means the bowling alley has opened.. We then enter the building and go into the elevator. I pressed 3rd floor.. Soon, we got into 3rd floor, the workers are busy cleaning the bowling alley... We waited about 20 minutes...


So, it was open. Since there was only us there, we que up in line, to pay the bowling, the rates are RM 4.50 per person per game (RM3.50 game + RM 1.50 shoes)..

Then, another friend, Azeem came... and he joined us played... We played for 2 rounds.. I scored 2 strikes and 3 spares.. Some of my friend cheated when he changed the score...

After finishing the game, we went to Ampang Point to eat and just walk there... crossed the very dangerous road.. Luckily 1 minute there is NO CAR AT ALL! So I used that chance to cross the road..

Then, we went to McDonald's to eat, everybody bought their own food.. I bought 6 pieces of Nuggets, 1 Coca Cola and 1 Sundae Cone...

Umm, Yummy!

After that we went shopping walking around the mall and just seeing stuff, some of my friends bought a computer game...

That's all my story. Thanks for reading...

Visit my Facebook Album for more pictures I snapped! It was a great time spending time with friends... Gonna do that again for the Final Year holidays!

Azlan Mahmud
I wrote about I won the P1 Raya Contest

Last week I already got the parcel that was sent from P1. When the item was sent, I was at school. I was going back from school and my grandpa bring the parcel.. I didnt open it yet, open at house..

Here's the picture

Got my name and Adress

From Packet One Networks!

The back of the parcel...
Front of the parcel... from City-Link Express... "Priority" Summore!!

This is what I got... P1 Notebook, a Mug and its flyers

But wait, Where's the pen??? Aaaaagghhhh.. Forgot...... My brother is using it.... but, its a normal pen with P1 Logo...

Thank you P1......
Azlan Mahmud
Ok , recently I thought about making extra money through the interwebs.. So my first option is too put ads in this blog... First, I use Google AdSense

You can register with Google AdSense with your Google Account.

The second one is I use NuffNang

You can see the ads in my Sidebar.

What is NuffNang? is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community.

Our online platform allows advertisers to serve graphic or video based advertisements onto more than 100,000 blogs hosted on various platforms. currently has offices in 4 countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia.

It is from these offices that our teams actively seek our brands to match with our bloggers. Our advertiser rollcall includes bluechips such as Citibank, Nokia, Sony, Proctor & Gamble, Nokia, Nike, Nestle, and more!

Beyond blog advertising, we also pride ourselves in being a community for bloggers by bloggers, organising and supporting a wide range of blogger attended events like movie screenings, seminars/workshops, parties, and more.

Nuffnang has been widely featured on mainstream newspapers like The Star, Malaysia and The Sunday Times, Singapore, amongst other media. Check it out here .

that's all. thx for reading
Azlan Mahmud
Just when I got back home today after school, I was shocked to see that my account in Lowyat.NET was BANNED

I was like, What the !!!!! Creating dupe account??? I wont create more account there!! And this staff, StevenistelRooy banned me for it..

Halooo!!! My friend that surfs the website says that the account was created on 2 AM.. Why the I want to create an account in the middle of the night????

For any LYN'ners out there, let me speak out the truth

I was last online'ed in LYN on 7:30 PM and then I had to shutdown my computer. Because I am going to tuition. After comming back from tuition, I DID NOT turn on my computer because I was going to sleep. Then, Coming back from school today, turned on the PC and surf its website, suddenly got a Board Message saying I am banned.

So I ask my online friend Manmohanjit to talk to a Staff in the forum. See what the staff replied

Same, Still Permaban, I am happy


You are happy because of I got banned and I am not guilty????? Fail la. I never did anything wrong. I post constructive posts, and still they say I am childish. That's not fair!

I have already email'ed the admins here

havent received any replies yet... Waiting for it..
Azlan Mahmud
This year, Google has turned 11!

I've noticed that the Google website has changed their Logo!

Anyways, Happy Birthday! I hope you would appoint me to be the next CEO I hope Google will always be there on the interwebs because it helps many people get their work done!
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Azlan Mahmud
P1 is having a Hari Raya contest on Twitter.

As you can see in the Image, there will be 5 winners. I decided to participate. You just need to put the hashtag #P1Raya to be qualified in this contest.

As you can tweet once an hour, I decided to do some cheating, well not really cheating, but I went to search for tweets that have #P1Raya and when I see there is already 14 tweets, I immediatly went tweeting. It turned out I am the lucky 15th Twits.

Today is 24th of September 2009 and the contest finished already, the response is well, just OK. Only 3 people won

When I saw this,

I immediatly jumped happily around the house... hehe

I then was asked by p1 to email my details to and I did it. this is what they replied

YEAY!!! I cant wait till it arrives at my home! W00t!