Azlan Mahmud
I am hating my school, which is SMK Bukit Indah, Ampang.

Some of the reasons I hate it.

1. Cheapskate students - I really really hate the students there, they are so like living in a stone age. The clothing their wearing is really hurtful to the eyes. Students there even smoke, it is so smelly. They only know how to belasah people and say rude things. OK, I can live with them saying rude words, but what I could not stand is, they insult other good students. They insult everything about them, about the family, about the students parents.. haihzz.. I dont know what will this students will do when they grow up.. BULLIES SUCKS, THEY HAVE NO LIFE. I dont know how the bullies parents control them. bloody cheapskates. They always disturb me on whatever I do and insult me... . Oh, before I forgot, they like to spit everywhere they want to

2. The condition of the school - Oh my god, this school looks TERRIBLE. I think it was like not renovated since 1996! It is SOOOOO Dirty!!!!! The toilet is full of sh** . The canteen, umm I hate going there, it is so messy. Not clean at all, some students even saw RATS on the kitchen. and they never bother to clean it.

3. The activites done - Yes, there has been activites like running the whole neighbourhood, badminton championship, footballs competition and other related stuff. But me, I dont like sports activites, OK maybe I like motor sports, Cant they just do like a Go-Kart competiton or something??????

4. The facilities - There is a computer lab there, we were teach to use Microsoft WORD, yes people WORD. Even my 5 year old brother can do that, and they are teaching about the basic of word. The computers there AREN'T equipped with Internet, which computer now dont have internet????????????????????? And, you cant bring a thumbdrive to use it at the lab, the reason is, THEY ARE SCARED OF VIRUS.. Come on!!!! Virus is easy to remove!!!!! haihzz. stupid school

oh, here are my result of exam. - Blame it on the students who always insult and disturb me.

These scores are over 100%

Bahasa Malaysia ( Malay language) : 71%

Mathematics: 48%

Kemahiran Hidup : 47%

Sejarah (History) : 61%

English: 70%

Civic : 99%

Art: 45%? (cant remember)

Geography: 60 something %

Science: 48% (cant believe it).

Ok, that's all..

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4 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    Sounds like it sucks so much.

  2. Noor Ashraaf Says:

    meh sini acap tutor lan

  3. Anonymous Says:

    haha ludah = spit
    biase r byk org ludah kat skola xP
    btw aq afif

  4. Nick Chan Says:

    can change school d.