Azlan Mahmud

Last Sunday, I went to KLCC TGV Cinema to watch this movie, Astro Boy, it is about a boy named Toby who was killed by a blast, then his father, Dr. Tenma went sad and created another him. But, it is a robot. He was great and fantastic, but, his father dont want him because he say when he look at him, it reminds of his real son who had been killed.

Using a Blue Core, he was awaken. The duplicated Toby finally realised that he was a robot when he fall from a building trying to talk with a window cleaner. He had rocket in his shoes.
President Stone discovers Toby's energy signature and his blue core, and orders his troops to capture it. Devastated, Toby flies off but not before Elefun assures him that he has a place somewhere in the world.

Toby fell into Surface. There, he was founded by a normal group of kids. They became family soon and built a robot called FOG.

Read about it here in Wikipedia . The one above is I wrote MYSELF.

Btw, Astro??? Reminds me of Malaysian's Satellite TV provider...
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