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Just got this new camera to replace the broken Canon PowerShot SD750. For the price of RM599, it has loads of features to offer, such as 14.1 Megapixels with all sorts of intelligent auto stuffs, and it can record HD 720p videos too!

Got the Red/Rouge colour

And I recorded this video, and uploaded to youtube RAW, didnt edit anything, straight from the camera.

Settings: HD, Standard

please choose 720p as I cant embed in 720p due to my blog theme, this video looks horrible in 360p and 480p, you MUST change to 720p.. :)
Azlan Mahmud
Rasa cam kejap je 9 tahun berlalu, dah habis Akademi Fantasia 9, pastu takde lagi dah AF lepas nih, ntah betol ntah tidak.. Kang nanti.. "Atas permintaan ramai, kami mengadakan kembalik Akademi Fantasia!"

Saat-Saat sebelom diorang announce pemenang AF..

Anyway, ni lah list pemenang Akademi Fantasia..

Juara - HAZAMA - menang 200000 ringgit tu!!

Naib Juara - LENA -

Tempat Ketiga - FINA

Tempat Keempat - AZRI


Azlan Mahmud

On the 2nd day upon getting the 308 CC, I suggested to my dad to go climb Genting Highlands with this car to test power.. It was indeed VERY POWERFUL while going uphill and downhill. It rained during the journey to Genting Highlands but luckily it stopped raining when we were at Genting Highlands, so, drop the top. And we acted like a JAKUN..
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Azlan Mahmud

This. Is the Brand New Peugeot 308 CC. Yep, As you can tell from the name of the car, its a convertible. This is a proper 4 seater Coupe Convertible unlike other CC's like 207 CC which have a so called 2+2 seat. I bet even a small child would not fit in in the rear seat of a 2+2. This car though, the rear seats are comfortable enough even for a teenager like me. Traded the 2004 Kia Spectra for this beast.


This car is much MUCH cheaper than its rival which is the Volkswagen EOS and the Volvo C70. Around RM190000 compared to EOS and C70 which cost more than RM250000

This car has a Twin Scroll Turbo High Pressure (THP) engine which also is being used in the Mini Cooper S known as the Prince engine. This engine outputs 156 horsepower @ 6000rpm and 240Nm @ 1400rpm of Torque. It also uses a 6 Speed Automatic adaptive gearbox with TipTronic and Sport Mode.

Still, this cant compete with the Volkswagen EOS engine which outputs 210 horsepower derived from the Golf GTI engine.


Most of the features that you get in a 308 CC are in the 308 Turbo already. Some of the features I like is the Dynamic Xenon headlamps with automatic height adjustment & headlamps washer. The headlamps has this features which is called "Directional Headlights". The function is when you turn the steering wheel left or right, your headlights follow the steering wheel.. Other than that, this car also comes standard with an 18" nice looking rims, Full LED rear taillights, Sensor activated headlights and wipers. There is also a front and rear parking sensors to guide drivers.. Oh, lets not forget, to know if a Peugeot is locked or not, see its side mirrors, if its folded, means its locked..

Interior Features

Lets move on  to the interior features of the car. This car is equipped with an Automatic Dual Zone Air-conditioning system which essentialy means that the passenger aircond temperature can be set differently than the driver's one..

The interior of the car is full leather, you can see leather stitching in this car that normally a car that is the same class as the Mercedes S-Class have.. and because of the car being a coupe, the seats are designed to look like a sports seat, there is not headrest like a normal car.. The front driver and passenger seat are electric controlled. But the driver has a memory seat..

Audio System in the car includes a JBL 10 speakers if I am not mistaken and a 240 watts amplifier..

As you can see in the picture, this car comes with a retractable 16/9 screen.. 


If I were to talk about all the features in this car, even 3 full blogpost wont be enough, just kindly view the specs in Peugeot Singapore website .. I dont know why they pulled out the 308 CC section in Peugeot Malaysia's site..

Ok, since this car is a convertible, I am going to talk about the roof, its electric operated. Opens or closes the roof in 20 seconds, and it is a 2 piece hard top..

Sometimes when you are driving this car top down, people tend to look at you, some like it and some dont..

Its 1:30 Am and I am still writing this, and I completely forgot whet I wanted to write. So... cao..
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