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I am at Jalan Bukit Bintang right now and waiting for the new
year.countdown has started, the road is full of people. I will be
uploading pictures LIVE from here to my twitter. U wanna see it? Go
check out

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2009 just pass by the flash of light, all the good and bad things that happen are now just in our memory. Lets just forget about the bad things that had passed, and celebrate this new year

oh, btw, at JW marriot, the internet speed,

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Azlan Mahmud
I recently found this out, that if you are using P1 W1MAX services, this is the way to check which Base Station are you connected.

1. Go to

2. Username: admin Password: admin123

3. Once you've log in, you can see the screen like below

4. Now, look at the BSID, go to your BSID no. eg, 00:00:12:a1:06:63 then go to the link

5. Now, you will see which Base Station you are connected

If it is too far from where you are living, you might just need to reposition your modem :)

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Last monday I dont know why I am suddenly sick. Around 11 AM suddenly my body temperature become hot and I got a thermometer, and it show'd 39.5 Degree Celcius.. For 3 days my body temperature is hot and I feel like want to pitam (what's that in English ?). Now I am Ok.

Owh, for all muslims

Azlan Mahmud
As you know, I did khatam last Saturday and my brother sunat (circumsize), refer to this blog post
. So the money I collected from that I used it to buy the new PS3 Slim. The PS3 it so great!

Here is the box (photo taken today)

The PS3's harddrive space is 120GB, you can upgrade it if you want

Here's the PS3 Console, 40% Slimmer than its fat version. Oh, under the PS3 is my laptop USB cooler, IT WORKS on the PS3..

That's the PS3 main page after u boot it up. This PS3 is connected to the TV via HDMI cable that I bought at BEST Denki in KLCC for RM69.90, its a Philips

That's the console information, it comes with System Software Version 3.0, I used my laptop to download the update to 3.10 as the internet is slow..

Last picture I took, Bought the game MotorStorm 2 : Pacific Rift for RM219 and there is the 2 Wireless controller..

Ok, I am playing the PS3 now, bye
Azlan Mahmud
Last saturday was my khatam al-quran and my brother's sunat (Khatan). All went smoothly.

Wake up at 7:30 AM and showered. then wait for my brother

Azmeir playing with the mic before going to the clinic

at 8 AM we go to the clinic, since its not Azmeir's turn yet so we go and eat at the mamak..

waiting to be sunat'ed

While eating at the mamak the doctor called saying its his turn already...

We all go inside the room to see azmeir circumsize, oh yeah, I closed my eyes..

after sunat

Then after Zohor prayers, it is my turn to Khatam.. it all went good, was nervous a bit.. but it was OK

For more pictures, please go to my Facebook Album - Majlis Khatam dan Khatan
Azlan Mahmud
Sorry people that had wanted to view my livestream. There will no
LiveStream because my internet connection went down.. Blame it on my
internet.. Sorry.. I will upload if my internet upload speed is back

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Azlan Mahmud
So tomorrow will be my majlis Khatam Al-Quran, for those who cant attend to this event, you can watch it live HERE on this post!

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

Ok! Dont forget to watch

Azlan Mahmud
I don't care if u cant read Malay, but this post is only for the one who can read Malay.

Alamak..... 3 hari lagi, hari Sabtu nih (5/12/2009) nanti aku ada Majlis Khatam Al-Quran.... Adik aku pulak akan sunat AKA berkhatan pagi tu... Huh.... Nervousnya nak baca surah-surah depan orang ramai.... malu tau... Nanti salah baca camne??? Dah la microphone yang bengong tu kena letak mulut betul betul depan mic tu kalau tak takde bunyi. Pastu x de mic stand plak tu... camne la nak baca sambil pegang mic... 4 muka surat tau kena baca.....

Gambar kat atas nih untuk kasi kat orang yang datang.. ada 50.....

Semua orang sebuk buat preparation.. Pegi kedai buku photostat, gona MS Office PowerPoint 2010 untuk desain cover dalam gamba tuh...

Adik Azmeir pulak entah kenapa haritu tiba tiba je dia kata nak sunat.. bagus la jugak.....

Ok la, dah tatau apa lagi nak taip...

Senang senang korang ikut je la aku kat @Azlan96. see ya... bai
Azlan Mahmud
This is going to be my first time writing a post using my mobile
phone. Using the GMail app for phone. Somehow cant use the phone's
default email system. 1 thing I dont like bout this app, I cant attach

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