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Was on the way back to our hotel (Kings Hotel) from a trip to Zoo Melaka today, and suddenly I spotted this car, it looks familiar, than I recognized its a Peugeot 408, I wonder why it still havent been launched. The Preve, Elantra and Polo Sedan has been launched already, this Peugeot?

The rest of the photos can be found in my Facebook  album.

On a side note, I spotted this 2 lions side by side on the highway today, looks nice :)

Azlan Mahmud
Firstly, it was the welding issue, now this happened, credit to user Maniack from lowyat forum for this picture

Update: New Picture

Azlan Mahmud
Managed to shot a video during the launch of the new Proton Preve by our Prime Minister.


Azlan Mahmud
During the last holiday, my family and I went to Ipoh to have some fun at The Lost World of Tambun, on the way to our next location, which is Colmar Tropicale, we stopped by and visited the Kellie's Castle as requested by my brother. This is a short summary about the Kellie's Castle

Kellie's Castle - "The Mysterious Love Castle"

Once owned by William Kellie Smith a Scottish player who built this castle as an expression of love for his wife Agnes in 1905. William was born on 1st March 1870 in Elgin, Scotland. His grandiose plan never materialized due to his sudden death in Lisbon, Portugal due to pneumonia at the age of 56. This castle was said to be hunted where apparitions of William was seen wondering in this abandon castle.

My brother posing infront of the castle

Upon entering the castle, we had to pay an entrace fee of RM2 for Children and RM4 for adults. The first thing we went to look is the Mysterious Corridor

So eager to find out, but mehh, its in the afternoon, ghost is sleeping larr..


This is the guest room. This room was suppose to be a guestroom if this castle were to be completed. There is a secret staircase from the bathroom heading out of this castle

Guest Room

Stairway incase of emergency
Now , this is their daughter's dressing room

And.. The Mystery of Helen's Room, yeah, with my dumb metal detector again..

And there was supposed to be Malaya's first elevator, but sadly William died on the way to collect it, dont know why he must collect it himself..

And... to the top of the roof we go!!! Not for the one's who is scared of heights, there's no railings or safety team here. U fall, bad luck..

Cant wait to get down, so scared.
And after that we went down the building, this is the unfinished kitchen I presume

Here is the front part (or maybe back? I am not too sure) of the castle

Tired and on the way back to the car, I went to the wine room myself, this place give me chills! The room itself is pitch dark, I used the camera flash for this one.. and my LED Torch from my Galaxy Nexus at full brightness besides the camera

Now, its time to leave the castle, I hope my school makes a trip there again..!

Azlan Mahmud
Yeah, I am so bored today, so I will post about last year's Frasers Hills vacation trip.

Went up to Fraser's Hills on 24th Dec 2011.

On the way to Fraser's Hills, the road is winding. Enjoyed the breeze of fresh air 1/2 part of the way, it rained after that :(

Winding roads.

Turned off the GPS on the way, because it was no use!

More Winding roads!

And then we finally arrived at Bukit Fraser.

After that, we went to search for our bungalow, found it!

This is how the bungalow looks like

Its so cold that a fireplace is needed!

After that we went to ride a horse, but typical me, I refused.

And.. Some miniature golf!

After that, a waterfall, I cant remember the name right now.. Yes, yes, I didnt went into the water because it was too cold.. But my brother, Azmeir did..

The next (and final day), woke up in the morning and went to Allan's Water..

Then its time to go home... It didnt rain this time! Bye cool weather!

Winding roads again.
Man Made lake.
Till we meet again, Fraser's Hills! Was planning to go to Cameron Highlands, but friends says the weather is not so cool.. :(