Azlan Mahmud
Yeah, I am so bored today, so I will post about last year's Frasers Hills vacation trip.

Went up to Fraser's Hills on 24th Dec 2011.

On the way to Fraser's Hills, the road is winding. Enjoyed the breeze of fresh air 1/2 part of the way, it rained after that :(

Winding roads.

Turned off the GPS on the way, because it was no use!

More Winding roads!

And then we finally arrived at Bukit Fraser.

After that, we went to search for our bungalow, found it!

This is how the bungalow looks like

Its so cold that a fireplace is needed!

After that we went to ride a horse, but typical me, I refused.

And.. Some miniature golf!

After that, a waterfall, I cant remember the name right now.. Yes, yes, I didnt went into the water because it was too cold.. But my brother, Azmeir did..

The next (and final day), woke up in the morning and went to Allan's Water..

Then its time to go home... It didnt rain this time! Bye cool weather!

Winding roads again.
Man Made lake.
Till we meet again, Fraser's Hills! Was planning to go to Cameron Highlands, but friends says the weather is not so cool.. :(
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dec 2012?

  2. Azlan Mahmud Says:

    I am from the future.. :p

    Lulz, thanks for noticing, will fix it soon.