Azlan Mahmud
Today [18/2/2012] I arrived at Ayer Keroh - Petronas R&R to fill up petrol to continue journey back to KL, but once I arrived at Petronas, I noticed 2 cars covered .. So, I quickly realised it is the upcoming Proton P3-21A , and took out my phone, too bad when I was taking out my phone, they started to leave the petrol station already, and yes, I have to confess, I had no guts to approach them nearer..

So here is the pics..

The first car to leave, notice the proper rims?

Driver waiting for the co-driver.
Co-Driver back from the petrol mart
Starts the engine and leaves immediately
Once again, sorry for the crappy shots, It was taken by using a Galaxy Nexus, which is known to have a bad camera, and me standing so far away from the car.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    good job man!