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Wishing ALL Malaysian a Happy 52ndMerdeka!

Let us all sing

Meh.... No fireworks... This is boring!

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Duhh.. My P1 Line is sloww!!! My problem started in the 2nd month after subscribing P1, well at first the problem has been resolved and I got my 1.2mbps speeds back.. But Until May 2009, My speed suddenly went super duper slow.. Called many times already and it appears to be resolved. Then it comes again.. This is some of my speeds during this month

So P1 called me yesterday and said that my area have too many users and the base station's are congested.. They are performing upgrades and should be completed by 2nd week of September..

2nd week of september??? O'rly?? uugh.. All I can do is Wait and Wait and wait...

My advice for other P1 user, before subscribing, please check weather your area got coverage or not, how good is the service, etc...

Go and register at Lowyat Forum , Go to this topic on P1 W1Max and there you can find users rant about P1, any updates from them and more..

Before I forgot, P1 have their new Email adress set up to receive complaints from user

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So the 1 week holiday started last Monday.. It is really really boring.... besides sitting infront of my laptop from 12 Am til 12 Pm.. It hurts my eyes... Headache right now.. Duh.. I can't really go out of the house because no one is around to take me go Jalan-jalan.. All busy.... I really dont know what to do... Astro is boring... No nice shows....

Dont laugh at me please!

So I got nothing better to do then spamming at /k/ , being a Tweet Whore and doing nothing.. Oh BTW, I think monday is a Holiday because of Merdeka Celebration.. AAahhhhh, my Art project haven't finish yet.. Sux... School sux.. But if everyday is a holiday its pretty boring too..

Azlan Mahmud

on 8th August 2009, My friend and also a blogger Zoie, has celebrated his birthday at RSGC, So this is a video of that event..

We played ping pong, went swimming, play basketball.. We had lunch there too. They served us Nasi Goreng, cake and others..

About 20 people came to this party and its only friends from our school..

It was a great time...

Dont forget to visit his blog!

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How To Sign Up For Google Voice Outside of USA

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Tamatlah sudah hari berpuasa yang pertama tahun ini... Sebelum berbuka, me, my mom and my brother pergi la jalan jalan dekat Bazar Ramadhan di Bandar Baru Ampang.. Saje saje tengok apa yang boleh dibeli..... Tapi first puasa ni tak banyak sangat gerai lah... Orang yang datang.... Ramai betul......

Anyways, some pictures masa kat situ...

Oops, sorry tak align kan gambar, nak upload cepat cepat.. hehehe

Tengoklah berapa ramai orang~

Makanan banyak betul!

Itu sajalah gambar yang dapat diambil. Sekian harap anda enjoy baca blog ni. Selamat Berpuasa
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Hmm. Rasa sekejap je dah Masuk bulan Ramadhan balik... Ingat lagi tahun lepas, kena ambik UPSR... Letihnya, Tapi, tahun ni boleh enjoy!! Well, wishing you guys, SELAMAT MENYAMBUT BULAN RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK..

Ni la, nak kasik tip sikit, Dalam bulan yang mulia dan suci ni, banyakkanlah beribadat, Puasa jangan tinggal!! Solat 5 waktu. dan bagilah derma kat orang orang tertentu.. Sekian, Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan.
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Before Raya last year. my HP phone lost, i thought my maid stole, then I buy new phone for temporary use, a Samsung, then i broke it, now currently using the LG phone.

Then suddenly last night, my mom seluk seluk tangan to the sofa, first, found a TV remote which has been lost for 6 month, then I was SHOCKED when my mum took out my old phone from the sofa.... It was in the sofa for 1 year and I didn't notice it!

So shocked right now!! Can you imagine??!! One year sitting in the sofa??!!

After I found it, luckily it was using a USB port to do everything... So I charged it with my laptop..

Since my brother lost his PSP, I decided to give him my phone.. but it has no SIM Card in it so my brother can't call anybody...

So now

HP 512 iPaq Voice Messenger - My brother is using

Samsung (My temporary phone) - My grandpa is using

LG KS360 - I am using!
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Astro, is a satellite TV operator in Malaysia, It is the only Sat TV provider here, No Cable TV or what so ever, There used to be another Satallite TV Provider before but it got bankrupt..

For more info, go to Wikipedia or its own website,

I got my Astro in 1996, Which was the year I was born and the year Astro has been launched,

So far, what I like about Astro is, there is Many channels. The shows are pretty good.

And What I dont like about Astro, when it rains

I wont get to watch the TV shows

I don't get any signals when it rains

So this is very bad...
If you have to see some Shows that you really like, then it rains, you will be really really really really dissapointed..

On the future, I hope Astro will fix this problem, Also, I would love to see Astro having a HD package... Since Astro is very rich.....

Most people in my Country haven't upgrade their TV from CRT to LCD/Plasma TV is because of Astro doesn't support HD...

So that's all I am going to post.. Thank you for reading, Have a nice day!
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So today and yesterday was a bad day.. So Yesterday, I wonder why when I am at YouTube, then my Comments and PM's are displayed as readed. So I thought it was a bug..

Then, I when I go to one of my videos, I was shocked to find out that "I" Posted a comment 5 Hours ago

Ok, realised that I was hacked, I changed my password to a more secure one..

So after coming back from school today, To my surprise, it has been hacked again..

Hmm, What should I do???? Help me!!!

In other news, I cant really watch videos on YouTube right now because of this

What a bad day for me.....

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So it was patriotic AKA Merdeka celebration day at my school last Monday, the school organised a Cooking competition for the boys ( Because they did for the girls last year) . There was a show performed by the students, mostly are multiracial shows as this years theme are 1Malaysia that was launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Our class participated in the school competition, our class are set up full with Malaysia's flag, its region flag, information about Malaysia and so on.

Me and the whole class decided to open a stall selling foods and drinks

So there's my Stall name: Warna Warni Malaysia. I know it sucks. By the way, the Banner is made by my friend, Nadim. View the complete post to see his photo

Haa, this is what we are selling and how much is the price. It is cheap...

Here are the food's. Delicious! Om nom nom nom!

It's the popcorn chicken!!

That's me! On the right is my friend, his name is Nadim

Ahh~ Those cool iced drinks are really nice to drink on a hot, busy day.

My friend, Afiq preparing Air Cincau for our customers!

And these are the situations at our stall!!

So this is all I have time to take pics, before my LG KS360 phone battery die.

So at the end of the school day, everybody had their profit given to them. I was tired, but I go back home full with happiness.