Azlan Mahmud

Astro, is a satellite TV operator in Malaysia, It is the only Sat TV provider here, No Cable TV or what so ever, There used to be another Satallite TV Provider before but it got bankrupt..

For more info, go to Wikipedia or its own website,

I got my Astro in 1996, Which was the year I was born and the year Astro has been launched,

So far, what I like about Astro is, there is Many channels. The shows are pretty good.

And What I dont like about Astro, when it rains

I wont get to watch the TV shows

I don't get any signals when it rains

So this is very bad...
If you have to see some Shows that you really like, then it rains, you will be really really really really dissapointed..

On the future, I hope Astro will fix this problem, Also, I would love to see Astro having a HD package... Since Astro is very rich.....

Most people in my Country haven't upgrade their TV from CRT to LCD/Plasma TV is because of Astro doesn't support HD...

So that's all I am going to post.. Thank you for reading, Have a nice day!
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