Azlan Mahmud
So it was patriotic AKA Merdeka celebration day at my school last Monday, the school organised a Cooking competition for the boys ( Because they did for the girls last year) . There was a show performed by the students, mostly are multiracial shows as this years theme are 1Malaysia that was launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Our class participated in the school competition, our class are set up full with Malaysia's flag, its region flag, information about Malaysia and so on.

Me and the whole class decided to open a stall selling foods and drinks

So there's my Stall name: Warna Warni Malaysia. I know it sucks. By the way, the Banner is made by my friend, Nadim. View the complete post to see his photo

Haa, this is what we are selling and how much is the price. It is cheap...

Here are the food's. Delicious! Om nom nom nom!

It's the popcorn chicken!!

That's me! On the right is my friend, his name is Nadim

Ahh~ Those cool iced drinks are really nice to drink on a hot, busy day.

My friend, Afiq preparing Air Cincau for our customers!

And these are the situations at our stall!!

So this is all I have time to take pics, before my LG KS360 phone battery die.

So at the end of the school day, everybody had their profit given to them. I was tired, but I go back home full with happiness.

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