Azlan Mahmud
Before Raya last year. my HP phone lost, i thought my maid stole, then I buy new phone for temporary use, a Samsung, then i broke it, now currently using the LG phone.

Then suddenly last night, my mom seluk seluk tangan to the sofa, first, found a TV remote which has been lost for 6 month, then I was SHOCKED when my mum took out my old phone from the sofa.... It was in the sofa for 1 year and I didn't notice it!

So shocked right now!! Can you imagine??!! One year sitting in the sofa??!!

After I found it, luckily it was using a USB port to do everything... So I charged it with my laptop..

Since my brother lost his PSP, I decided to give him my phone.. but it has no SIM Card in it so my brother can't call anybody...

So now

HP 512 iPaq Voice Messenger - My brother is using

Samsung (My temporary phone) - My grandpa is using

LG KS360 - I am using!
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