Azlan Mahmud
As usual, I was browsing forums, I stumbled upon this thread . I clicked it, and noticed a picture of the brand new Proton Preve was involved in a side collision with a lorry.

It was also posted in the thread that the occupants in the vehicle was unharmed, only minor scratches. Pretty amazing isnt it that collision like this did not harm the driver that much.. As you can see, the cabin is intact, and its side airbag functioned as they were supposed to. I could not even see any traces of blood scattered around. I also believe that the window had been tinted with security tints as it didnt shatter into pieces and remain intact..

I do think that this car is the most value for money you can buy at its category. At only RM72k, you get (I copied this list from that thread):

auto wiper
auto light
auto dimmed mirror
push start button
audio with ipod connection
built in gps
4 air bags
ESP (electronic stability control)
brake assist and traction control
front and rear disc brakes
trunk lid remote release
turbocharged CFE
multifunction steering
projector headlamp
paddle shift
LED daytime running light
larger car with more space
better handling car
higher body rigidity car (RESS)
auto cruise

No competition. The main competitor, u know what it is only offers
ABS, 2 Airbags, and some fancy bodykits at a price of RM90k.
Yet, people buy them for the sake of reliability and resale value. More than the safety of them and their

Fikir-Fikir kan lah...

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