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Wow man, the lastest Chile earthquake is 8.8 Richter Scale. That's Crazy!!

Expect some Tsunami's. More than 50 countries is at risk of getting
the wave. The Tsunami warning went off at Hawaii just now. More than
78 people were killed because of the earthquake. They predict the
tsunami will hit Indonesia but not Malaysia. Thank god.

Anyway, RIP for the people that have lost their lives. Check the
latest update from CNN or Twitter.

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Azlan Mahmud
Yesterday (24th Feb 2010) something happened in my class, which the so called "worse" case in my school. me and some of my friends got back to the class from changing our Shirts to Sports attire, when we arrived at the class, the Discipline teacher was there along with all other classmates. So we were curious what did happen. So, the teacher said one of the girl's table had been written really foul language. so he asked us to give our books to him to check the handwriting which match the writing on the table.

So, we passed it, the teacher lets us go to do sports activity, TODAY (25th Feb 2010), another discipline teacher came to our class, SHOUTING about how that can happen, she said like "ini kerja orang gile ****" she was shouting for an hour, she said better admit, no one admitted. So she says this investigation will go on till the school finds the one who wrote it and we cant go for the Sports Day if the suspect doesnt get caught... ugh FML. Come on.., can you just ignore it? Its just a foul language.. OTHER schools have bigger problem like the student's smoking, trading illegal items bla bla bla and so on.. and the girl who sits at the table there, cant she just ignore it and just erase? Report here report there, now all of us are in trouble
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Azlan Mahmud
So someone said that AVATAR Blu-Ray will come out next month, it is still a rumour.

Read more on Lowyat forum

Starting from that post, till the end of the page.. I really hope it will come out
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Azlan Mahmud
Today was the most EMBARRASING day for me and my classmates. It was Arabic language subject. The teacher asked us to go to our school's Arabic centre. OK, then me and my friends took our stuff ( pencil case, textbook and notebook) and leave the classroom, there is still some boys left in the classroom. The girls were preparing their stuffs too that time, we dont want to wait for them. So we left..

The Arabic centre is outside of the school, a block away. Me and my friends go in to the Arabic centre. the guy in there asked where we are from, we answered the name of our class. Than the guy asked me all of us to sit down at a TV area. We sit quietly doing nothing, then some guy in a class were looking at us in a weird way. we ignored him.

Then a lady come out from the class and tell us. This is not ADNI Arabic Centre.


and that lady told us that is not the first time people wrongly entered that arabic centre. Uggh, then we go to right arabic centre, we we're all had red faces when we were there. FML

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