Azlan Mahmud
P1 is having a Hari Raya contest on Twitter.

As you can see in the Image, there will be 5 winners. I decided to participate. You just need to put the hashtag #P1Raya to be qualified in this contest.

As you can tweet once an hour, I decided to do some cheating, well not really cheating, but I went to search for tweets that have #P1Raya and when I see there is already 14 tweets, I immediatly went tweeting. It turned out I am the lucky 15th Twits.

Today is 24th of September 2009 and the contest finished already, the response is well, just OK. Only 3 people won

When I saw this,

I immediatly jumped happily around the house... hehe

I then was asked by p1 to email my details to and I did it. this is what they replied

YEAY!!! I cant wait till it arrives at my home! W00t!
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