Azlan Mahmud
Just when I got back home today after school, I was shocked to see that my account in Lowyat.NET was BANNED

I was like, What the !!!!! Creating dupe account??? I wont create more account there!! And this staff, StevenistelRooy banned me for it..

Halooo!!! My friend that surfs the website says that the account was created on 2 AM.. Why the I want to create an account in the middle of the night????

For any LYN'ners out there, let me speak out the truth

I was last online'ed in LYN on 7:30 PM and then I had to shutdown my computer. Because I am going to tuition. After comming back from tuition, I DID NOT turn on my computer because I was going to sleep. Then, Coming back from school today, turned on the PC and surf its website, suddenly got a Board Message saying I am banned.

So I ask my online friend Manmohanjit to talk to a Staff in the forum. See what the staff replied

Same, Still Permaban, I am happy


You are happy because of I got banned and I am not guilty????? Fail la. I never did anything wrong. I post constructive posts, and still they say I am childish. That's not fair!

I have already email'ed the admins here

havent received any replies yet... Waiting for it..
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