Azlan Mahmud
Haihhhh.. Yesterday and today is a bad day


At school I got Sejarah test paper back and the results is 48%. what????????? I can't believe it... Well, live must go on....

So after go back from school as usual I on the laptop and start spamming /k/

So during buka puasa I eat infront of my laptop... Then suddenly, my brother push the table... and the the Root Beer I was about to drink fell and some of it kena my laptop TouchPad...

Go read here at Lowyat.NET - Technical Support

So lantakla.... Today still cannot ON. I think I need to go to HP and ask them for a repair


So, as usual I go to school, chit chat... and do stuffs.. I got some of the results of my test...

English - 78% (What????? I never get B for English, this is my first time)

Math - 63% (Kinda weak.. Well, I am not so good in Math)

Kemahiran Hidup - Cant remember...........

Science - 70% (It improved, before this I always get around 60-65%)

OK, That's all... Oh shoot! I haven't done my ART.. and next week is the week to send it....
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