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So my HP laptop was repaired after it was sent to HP by my dad..

See this post: Bad Day

My dad sent it on Monday last week.. It should be fixed by last Friday, but my dad got a Call from HP saying that the Motherboard should be replaced.. So Ok with that because HP would replace it for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE *Happy mode on* So I waited until today

I SMS'ed my dad asking how's the laptop? Is it fixed?

To my surprise, he replied this

Translate to English: Its fixed but all the data are lost due to the change of the mottherboard.


All my files, my video collections, my virtual PC all GONE!! WAaaaaaa!!!

Uugh, tomorrow I need to reinstall all the Updates, softwares and almost EVERYTHING!

Luckily I have backed up some of my important photos, videos on my External Harddrive, that saved my life!!

Now the laptop is fixed, I gotta install Antivirus software, Tons of things to do actually

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