Azlan Mahmud
Sorry for not updating the blog post for a long time, this is because I am too lazy or nothing to post...

Well, I am going to have an exam on 3rd November 2009 and didnt study yet.. The thing is, I dont like reading books, it is soo boring!!! Cant click it and the colours are not amazing... And because I am addicted to the internet, eveything is simple, not like the ordinary text book which is all TL;DR (Too long ; Didn't read) its a WALL OF TEXT!

Now lots of my time are spend sitting infront of the laptop screen, Blame P1 for that... The network connection always disconnect, really slow download and upload speed.

I have also spend lot of time playing Facebook apps like Happy Aquarium and Cafe World

On level 12 right now...

And I also need a new aircon, bcoz the old one has the swing broken.. and..

Gonna get an Aircon like this

hmm.. That's all.. eh wait, dont forget to click Nuffnang ads.. hehe
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