Azlan Mahmud
Some might say that we are paying so much for our cars here right in Malaysia, but, do we? Here are some of the things might make you think differently. I'll give you one example,

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This is the price of a normal Volkswagen Passat in Malaysia. So, do you think its expensive? Now let me show you, the price of the same Volkswagen Passat, but this time in the United Kingdom.

Do note that in UK the car is at bare minimum and most of the features we get on the Malaysian market are optional features to them, so I configured a matching specification of the VW Passat on the VW UK website and here is the result.

user posted image

See what I meant? The difference is just around RM5000, and yet the Passat in the UK does NOT offer leather seats like the ones we get here.

Please take note that is conversion is a DIRECT currency conversion without any factors such as the salary of the rakyats, the petrol prices and the general cost of living.. Because this is how we Malaysian's compare laa.

Think about it, comments is appreciated.
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  1. Unknown Says:

    You are lucky. In my country (VIET NAM), the car price with VAT is very high. The price is even higher than in Europe 2-3 times.

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