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These past few years, we've been bombarded with the launch of B-Segment hatchback in Malaysia such as the Mazda 2, Peugeot 208, Kia Rio, VW Polo, Suzuki Swift and all the likes of it.. Now here comes the Ford Fiesta.

Ford Fiesta was first introduced in Malaysia in 2010, it had a 1.6L 120hp engine, as of this week, Ford Malaysia has introduced the updated version of the Fiesta..

So, what is so great about it? What is the changes between the new one and the old one?

Lets look at the DESIGN first.



Updated grills is the most noticable because this is just a facelift model. So, you are expecting a LED DRL like the Fiesta's in other countries? Sorry, you wont get it here..


The new Ford Fiesta gains an automatic headlights ,automatic wipers, Keyless entry with Push Start Button (Most new cars have this anyways, no big deal). 

Smart Regenerative Charging

This advance feature allows additional energy to be converted and stored in the battery rather than dissipated at the brakes, especially during vehicle deceleration.


Electronic Stability Programme and Hill Launch Assist.

Negative Points 

Now, to the downsides of the car, the engine now spots a new 1.5L Ti-VCT which produces 112PS compared to the old 1.6L Ti-VCT which outputs 120PS, why? I believe there's something to do with the tax structures of cars based on the engine capacity in Thailand. because u know la , Thailand mostly uses Vios.. So fikir-fikir sendiri la ye. Ah, before I forget, the car still only has 2 airbags,  When the competitors all have 6 airbags as standard..

Pricing, the price of the old car (inc. insurance) is RM 84888 while this new facelift costs (inc. insurance) RM86988, RM2000 more than the car it replaces. 

So, is it worth the price increase, with the downgrade of engine power but upgrade in features? Tepuk dada tanya selera.


I have seen the car live infront of me when I went to the Ford Showroom in Ampang (Trio Mantap), here's some pictures I've taken with my phone. The phone's camera was having some sort of issue with lightning and I am not sure what's the cause of it..

12V Port, the Ford SYNC is powered by Microsoft, that means it would accept Voice commands like smartphones these days. Was a little bit dissapointed as there was a lack of armrest. 

Time to end this post, for me, I still prefer the Proton Suprima S, just because of the turbo engine and the whole array of features it offers. Well that's just me, You might have your own opinion.. Interested? All Ford showrooms nationwide has the new Fiesta on display, go check 'em out. Bye!

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