Azlan Mahmud
So finally after so long, the awaited new hatchback from Proton that was used to be called as the P3-22A has been officially named as the Proton Suprima S.

The brochure has been leaked. See for yourself. Seeing is believing..

Auto Headlamps. The only car that has auto headlamps within this price range is the Koreans and the Continentals. Now even the local cars has it, Japanese, when are u going to add this feature? Same goes with auto wipers.

Electric Side Mirrors - Every car has this I presume.

DayTime running Lights - Only the Premium variant of the Suprima S has this, the normal ones only functions as a positioning lights, where you turn in on at around dawn before the dipped/main beams.

Positioning lights can function as a DRL as well. Picture is from a VW Passat and a 308 CC
6 airbags and ESC - Well done, European standards. The only car in the price range that has both is the Kia Rio.

Engine Push Start - Even the new japanese makes are putting this in their cars nowadays, not a big deal.

Here comes the spec lists..\

Much much feature and specs that even a large D segment car does not have, (*cough*cough*Camry*Cough*cough*)

Is it worth the money? Tepuk dada tanya selera..
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