Azlan Mahmud

My list of phones

when I was standard 1: a Samsung non coloured phone cant remember what model but it has flashing LED and a small antenna.

When I was standard 2:

Alcatel OneTouch 735

When I was standard 4: The Alcatel OneTouch died, overheated, so I got this

HP iPaq 512 Voice Messenger

Standard 5/6 (cant remember). Got this phone

Samsung SGH-M610

Standard 6: So the samsung slider was broken, OK got this in December 2008

LG KS360
Form 2 (March 2010) : Dad dont use this phone anymore, so I took it

HTC P3300

Form 2 ( bought September 2010 ) , its time for an upgrade, the p3300 is an obsolete 2006 model.. not for teenagers, and resistive touchscreen, uwekss..


a very good phone, 1ghz proc. capacitive, I love this phone, hope this will last for the next 2-3 years
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5 Responses
  1. Jayce Says:

    Nice pick. Got chance to play Android with it yet?

  2. Azlan Mahmud Says:

    Not yet, too complicated and Im scared ill screw up Windows Mobile, cause I bought this HD2 mainly for Garmin purpose,

    I really use the HTC Location Service and QuickGPS, and when I tried Radio 2.12, I get slower GPS lock, weak signal, and location off by 300-metres..

  3. Jayce Says:

    Hmm... I did not face any slower GPS lock on 2.12 radio.

    Since you already install HardSPL, install Android won't be that hard. Just put it on SD card will do. ^_^

  4. Azlan Mahmud Says:

    Hmm, the GPS location is off by 100m la, cant live without GPS

  5. I found your post so interesting.