Azlan Mahmud
Recently I felt watching videos on YouTube a bit choppy and slow, so I google'd

p1 w1max youtube slow

I then got into SoyaCincau's blog post about the slowness of youtube, the posting date of the blog post is 12th August 2010 which is not long ago... I have to agree with SoyaCincau, my YouTube is randomly slow..

See, 50kbps! Usually I get around 1200kbps, what happened? I cant live with slow speeds..

Now, compare this to my weekly download of MalFreeMaps

See? 160.3 KB/s which equals to 1282.4kbps which is what the speed I subscribed.. And that is from MegaUpload's FREE download server.

P1 really need to do something about this, else 1st quarter 2012 I potong to TM UniFi

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2 Responses
  1. -Hzu- Says:

    err, no. you subscribed to 1200KiB/s, but that doesn't mean your download is speed is 1200KiB/s.

    Since you subscribed to 1200KiB/s(Home Plus) package, your download/upload speed will be 150KiB/s or more or even less than that. It depends on the server which you're downloading or uploading. Some servers limit their download speed for free users to 50KiB/s. But even if you have a premium account, you download or upload speed won't go any further than 150KiB/s.

  2. -Hzu- Says:

    oh 1 more thing, you should check your bandwith usage daily. your speed will be throttled if you exceed the limit. I'm sure you know that.