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Hehe, this day is so great, first I got my Avatar Blu-Ray which is ordered from
the price is RM95.20 and RM5 for shipping. Ordered on Thursday night, VideoEzy called me but I didnt answered because the phone was somewhere else! so they called again on Friday to confirm. so it was confirmed. Today (15 May 2010) the shipment arrived!

WTH, it comes with BARBIE????

OK, the picture quality was so goood even on a non-calibrated, HD Ready 1080p (1366X768) TV. sound was good too. sadly I cant enjoy the true potential of the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 cause I dont have a Home Theatre System.

Then, I went for lunch.. After coming back... and curiously checked the house mailbox, I was surprised to see this

my The Dark Knight that I ordered from on 1st May 2010 has ARRIVED!

Item Shipped: May 5th 2010
Expected arrival: June 11 2010 <--- why so long one? Released by Customs(phew...): 14 May 2010 Arrived at my place: 15 May 2010.. Really didnt expect this. EXACTLY 10 days.. I choose the CHEAPEST shipping options available. The reason I bought this The Dark Knight is because I cant resist the deal, only USD 9.49!!! So this is only what "I" (ya right...) had to pay... USD 9.49 and USD 8.98 for shipping. Total: USD 18.47. That is still CHEAP. Compared to RM149 which is selling at $peedy... but if me buy MORE things the shipping will be way lesser... but I guess only these for now.. will probably buy more when really CHEAP deals comes again. Enjoying the movie now, BYE!
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2 Responses
  1. Bluray quality like shit, go get CD la. Cheaper

  2. Azlan Mahmud Says:

    pfft. trolling fail