Azlan Mahmud
called Astro on Saturday, gave them the account number, Decoder serial number and agreed to the terms and condition. There is a 1 year contract for this b.yond, but who cares, we've been on Astro since 1996/1997. After that Astro said they will install b.yond here before 19th June. That's a long time..

yesterday, 8th june 2010, Astro called and said they will install it tomorrow (which is today 9/6/2010). Then today, they called again that they were coming to install.. within 15 minutes, they arrived at my home.

They unhook the cables from the old decoder because they wanna take it back.

So here is the box for the new Astro B.yond decoder

Then they started to remove the old dish, and install the new one

removing the old one

installing the new, black, wider dish

Goodbye PHILIPS ASTRO dish, u've served is more than 10 years already

Now the new dish is fixed, testing the dish for the optimal satellite reception

after the dish is fully installed, they checked the satellite setting on the TV

After everything is done, the Astro installer explained to me 1 by 1 of the Astro B.yond features.. then he updated the software version to the latest..

Here are some pics of the HD channels


And here are 2 other shots from HBO HD

The installation time took roughly around 1 hour. I wish I had a bigger screen TV so I can see more picture details..

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