Azlan Mahmud
I Really really want to change my phone now.. the HTC Artemis I'm using currently is so outdated.. it is launched in 2006 and the good thing about it is only the GPS, which sucks sometimes. no 3G, only edge..

So this will be my choice for my next phone.

1. HTC HD2

1. 1Ghz Quallcomm SnapDragon Processor - damn fast! no more app lagging!
2. 4.3 inches of pure goodness.. Good for GPS Navigation (my main priority) and watching movies on the go.
3.HTC Sense - the interface is GOOODDD

1. Cant do Video Call and no secondary camera
2.Windows Mobile 6.5 is soo OLD!
3.only 200MB internal memory. (my HTC Artemis is 32MB internal though)

PRICE : RM1999

2.iPhone 4

1. Apple A4 Proccesor - i think its 1Ghz
2.32GB internal space
3.PentaBand HSPA
4. Retina Display (940X640 resolution) with IPS LCD
5.Shoots video at 720p @ 30fps
6. GyroScopre

1. Overrated
2. Expensive
3. OS is not "free" cannot get apps outside the Apple AppStore
4. no Garmin GPS software. cause other GPS software doesnt update Malaysian maps
5. Reception issues - cant touch some angle of the phone as it will interfear with the cell reception
6.Video Calling is WiFi and iPhone-to-iPhone only.


3. Nokia N8


1. 16GB Internal space
2. AMOLED screen
3. Can output video to TV through HDMI
4.12MP AF camera with XENON flash
5. Video Calling


1. Hurmmm, maybe the price?
2. Symbian gonna die soon
3.Screen not big enough
4. only 680mhz processor.

PRICE: Not available yet (maybe around iphone's price)

OR, Ill just wait for


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