Azlan Mahmud
Hi all, its been a long time since I blog on this blog, I am just too lazy to write and post it.

Yesterday, while checking my email, It seems that I got an email from Nuffnang, I thought it would be just some promo or something, LUCKILY I didnt ignore it but I open the e-mail to read it.

I was very skeptical that time, I was like... Well, I never did receive anything free from the Internet before....

Then I googled for TGV Birthday Surprise for Nuffnangers, The first and second results from that page give me the confirmation that this email was legit and true. Apparently, TGV Cinemas is giving out 1,000 complimentary passes every month to Nuffnangers celebrating their birthday!

Every month, 250 Glitterati Nuffnangers will be randomly chosen to receive FOUR (4) complimentary tickets to ANY movie* in ANY TGV outlet nationwide!

RANDOM!!!!! Wah, I am so lucky to be chosen!!!

Well, at least something for my Birthday present, my birthday will fall on 21st March...

Anyways, Thank you so much NuffNang and TGV Cinemas!
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