Azlan Mahmud
2 Weeks ago,  While I was in Phuket, Thailand, I was using the local simcard called AIS, in 4 days I topped up that prepaid card around 500 baht which is RM50, yet, my credit ran out very fast because of my 24/7 always ON internet connection on my Smartphone (WinMo + Android).

Frustrated, I decided to use DiGi's RM36/day Data Roaming service

So I waited until 12:30 A.M. before going to sleep, as this service is only for 12A.M to the next 12A.M, Sharp at 12:30 A.M, I took out my thailand local AIS sim card and put my DiGi Simcard back, Oh, before that, I already turned off all data roaming and Internet services on my phone because I am afraid that they will start to charge before I took the right carrier for Internet Roaming.
After my phone has fully booted up, I switched my phone to Manual Network Selection and chose DTAC, and finally turned on my Data Roaming on my phone, and I went to sleep after that.

In the morning I woke up to see my Data Connection is active, if I used the local sim I would quickly disable it cause it will drain my credit, but this time I let it ON, cause Unlimited MAAA!!

phone running on DTAC Network, see that R symbol? That indicated ROAMING

There is barely 3G in Thailand, so I can only get EDGE, but that's not a matter to me as I came to Phuket for vacation and not for testing YouTube Full HD or something.. I was quite happy with DTAC Service. No interruptions what-so-ever.

Then at 6 PM, we had to leave Premium Outlet and headed to the Airport, I am quite sad that we are leaving Thailand already, time flies so fast! Before boarding, I decided to surf internet on my laptop to kill time, so I turned on the WiFi on the laptop (this picture is from my phone, but it is still in the Airport)

U think all of that are free Wi-Fi's? Nooooooooo! You need to register and pay for those WiFi's, except the 2012 is the end of the world? which is crap, It connected but I was unable to surf.. So I open the WiFi Router app on my phone, and tethered to the computer using the DTAC Roaming Network, the speeds were OK.

After 15 minutes of surfing on the laptop, Its time for boarding, time to wish goodbye to the lovely island of Phuket, All that I can say is, the DTAC network was good, and thanks to DiGi that I can surf while on the go in another country, it had been a pleasant service.
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