Azlan Mahmud
Late last year, we started planning on where should be our next holiday destination during Chinese New Year, and later decided that the best place would be Langkawi. So the search to find the best deals on flight took place, as it was Chinese New Year period, most of the airlines pricing was on the higher side but then we recalled that there was this new airlines called Rayani Air, we decided to have a look at it and booked the flight since the price for the 4 of us was wayyy cheaper than other competitor airlines.

Fast forward to the day of departure, 7 February 2016, I did not sleep early that night due to my excitement and was looking forward to the trip, was spending the whole night planning on what to do and where to visit upon reaching Langkawi. Once I had finished all those planning, I decided to check my email. What happens next was absolute horror.

Rayani Air send us an email at 12:30am, yes thats right, They let us know that our flight has been cancelled just  less than 13 hours before our flight, LUCKILY I checked my email, How many of you would check your email last minute? What if its a company email not synchronised to your smartphone?. Thats it, One full day is gone. If only the flight wasnt rescheduled we would probably have extra time to spend in Langkawi.

We left home and took a Grabcar to KLIA2 at around 6:00pm, reached KLIA2 around 7pm, check in process was smooth, we did try to ask the counter staff on why was our plane cancelled, they could not give us proper explanation, kept telling us it was a technical problem.

We wondered around the airport, had dinner and everything and finally went to the gate at 7:30pm, as shown in the picture above, the gate should be opened at 7:40pm., we waited... and waited.. and waited.. yet it is still not opened.. They finally opened the gate at around 8:25pm..

8:53pm, No sight of any airplane.

More waiting, waiting and waiting. No proper explanation from Rayani Air staff, people were getting restless, babies crying, some of these (uninformed) passengers have been waiting here since this afternoon, words cannot express how we felt that day.

An old lady lying down on the floor helplessly waiting for the arrival of our flight

Even the rayani air staff couldnt do anything.

Stranded passengers waiting cluelessly on when will they be able to fly

We were given something to eat while waiting for the flight
FINALLY, I spotted an airplane outside the window, and that is definitely must be our flight.

From the promised 1pm flight, cancelled, later become 8:40pm, and here we are, boarding at 12:30am.

Interior of the Rayani Air plane

We finally reached Langkawi at around 2 am, took our bags and went outside the airport, took the rental car and drove to the hotel, 3 am by then, Reached the hotel and slept immediately, one day that could be used exploring Langkawi was gone down the drain.

End of misery you say? Not quite yet, Stay tuned for Part 2...
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