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I recently passed my JPJ test after a very long wait, all these waiting, are all JPJ's fault. Really, waiting for the L license, then I need 1 month before I can proceed with the JPJ Test. Now that I have passed the test (will blog about that in another post, quite a crappy experience too). I must get my P license ASAP.. And things arent going out as planned. Let see..

On the week before my JPJ Test I called JPJ (0383159200) asking how long will it take to get my P license, the girl on the phone say no need to wait, straight go JPJ bring document can process. 

2 days later (still before JPJ test) I called them again, this time 1 guy pickup the phone, say boleh after 3 working days

Wednesday 19/2 I JPJ test and lulus, 20/2 I go to JPJ WPKL/WANGSAMAJU queue in line, when my number is called, they keyed in my IC number and said my record is still not in the system. Fine. I go back home feeling that I have been conned by the 1st jpj girl over the phone.

Today, 10 am I called JPJ Hotline again, a guy picked up the phone and I asked weather my records are in already or not, gave my IC number, he said yes.. Even tripled confirm with him. 2pm I went to JPJ WANGSAMAJU/WPKL . Waited for 30 people before they attended me. Same crap, oh sorry your record is not in the system. WHAT CRAP IS THIS????? 

Frustrated, on the way back home I called again the JPJ Hotline, told them about this and they were also surprised. They then asked me to call 0341450800 and ask to talk to Bahagian Pengujian. Even there I was redirected 3 times. Later En Ghani on the phone told me that they havent keyed in the record for people who passed the JPJ test on the same date as mine, 19th.. They only keyed in up to the 17th.. And gave me his private contact number for me to call him this Thursday/Friday..

Haihhh will see how it goes la.. Tired of this shit already..


1st phone call to JPJ --> She say can instantly go

2nd phone call to JPJ --> He say need to wait 3 working days

1st time over counter --> She said no records, need to wait 3 days

2nd time over counter --> She said need 2 weeks

3rd phone call to JPJ --> They were confused , redirected me to bhg ujian. Spoke to En Ghani and he said to call him this Thurs/Fri..

We'll see how it goes then

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    How long you wait till you get your P? My record still not yet in their system after 1 week I pass the test. This is so frustrating.