Azlan Mahmud
It was a fine Saturday afternoon,

around 4:20PM,

In between tuition classes, I decided to have a look at the Google Play store to check out new apps, what shocked me is when I got this message appeared on my phone,

I was like, "what??", I never had a problem signing in and out of Google weather it was from my phone, or other devices. I thought my phone had some bug or something, I then restarted the phone. Thinking that it might solve my problem. But.. Nope, it did not. After countless time of Retry-ing. I finally gave up. I then quickly launched the Browser of the phone, and pointed the page to

We've detected suspicious activity on your Google Account

Shock! Horror!, It looks like somebody attempted to gain access to my account!, No worries, keep calm, I then continue to follow the instructions to change my password. This was the first time I had changed my password since I first registered for Gmail. And I quite like my old password, because it was easy to remember. But I had no choice, I had to change or I would not be able to access my account again!.

And this is what I got in my inbox after I had changed my password, Google claimed that someone from Russia is trying to gain access to my account. Dear (russian) hackers, seriously, What do you gain by hacking my account? It's not like I have any personal information like credit card numbers and some kind of things that can affect National Security. So why me??

Whatever is done, is DONE! I'll just forget about this issue. And Kudos to the Google team for being able to stop what was supposed to be a hacking attempt. But the hacking was unsuccessful.
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