Azlan Mahmud

Uh oh! Word got out, mums and children alike have been gunning for their favourite flavour for Dutch Lady's FIRST EVER Milk Election !

In conjunction with its 4th World Milk Day, Dutch Lady Milk Elections is developed to find the newest flavour for their UHT milk, to encourage Malaysians to drink more milk

Why? Because you have the power to determine a stronger Malaysia with MILK!

Who can vote? Anyone!

1. Dutch Lady Red Bean
2. Dutch Lady Sweet Corn
3. Dutch Lady Moo Melon
4. Dutch Lady Caramel Toffee

So now, you gotta share this with your friends and may the team with the most votes by 28 May win ! Hehe.. I know I am definitely a "Team Sweet Corn"! :P

You can also sample the four flavours when sampling starts from 13-28 May. Check out Dutch Lady Facebook page for details.

Have fun!

It's the FIRST EVER Milk Election! Cast your votes this instant. I know I'm a team Sweet Corn! Hehe. #DutchLadyWMD
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