Azlan Mahmud
Well, I want to get prizes... but dont want use my own money, just trying to make money online.

1. LinkBucks

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2. Twivert

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3. Lockerz

more info -

4. PrizeRebel

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5. Points2Shop

that is some of It, i joined tons actually
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Azlan Mahmud
After 1 month playing that game, finally finished the mission (etc. G, E, F mission)

Pictures of my brother playing the LAST mission before the game finishes

Now the game finished, can cruise around the city, oh sometimes I do side mission like Assasin, and Friend mission...

p/s: this game doesnt really support 1080p...
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Azlan Mahmud

On new year, I went to Jalan Bukit Bintang to celebrate new year, this is the video I recorded using the Canon PowerShot SD750. The original file size was 500+ MB but I managed to shrink it to 60MB.

p/s Video uploaded from JW Marriot (oh yeah I stayed there for a night) crazily bloody complimentary HighSpeed Internet. I got 40mbps on speedtest, I am really sure I cant upload this if I were at home

Azlan Mahmud
So its 2010 already, which means time to change school.


Friends there, you will be missed, dont forget to call me if you are going anywhere with other friends..


Hmm, gonna make new friends.. I really dont know how to...
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