Azlan Mahmud
1. Go to web proxy page.

2. Enter the URL at the bar where it says Web Address and click Go.

3. Enter your first name, last name, e-mail, address, city, country, zip, random code and most importantly the Promotion Code as jkm3cx and click the Request Free License button. Make sure that you’re entering a working email address because the license key code will be sent there!

4.Once you see the message “Thank you for requesting your FREE license for Internet Security v2009, Your free license code will be e-mailed to you shortly.”, check the email address that you’ve entered at step 3. Open the email from PC Tools ( with the subject “Free Internet Security License”. Note down the name and license key.

5. Download latest PC Tools Internet Security 2009 and install.

6. After installation, restart your computer, run PC Tools Internet Security 2009 and click the Register button. Enter the name and license key. Voila! A fully registered version of PC Tools Internet Security 2009!
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