Azlan Mahmud
Hey, Im using Maxis Broadband Power package. It is veery very very very very slow. I think snail is faster than my internet. Before this Im used Streamyx 1 mbps connection. I was attracted to the Maxis Broadband promotion which is 3.6mbps at RM 98 a month ( which is 1 ringgit lesser than my previous streamyx). The first month using maxis broadband is very fast. Then after 5 month it become slower and slower by day. Maxis also blocks P2P and torrent. That means I cannot download song using LimeWire. If i want to download songs i must wait until 1am . Iam lucky I have a backup internet which is my phone's Digi EDGE. It is very slow but I can download songs.
This is my speedtest result:

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  1. munirah :) Says:

    tak heranlah... aku pon ada broadband. lg satu, apehal lah ko tiru template aku? ko tukar skarang gak! kalo tidak, aku sepak ko! >:O